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Postby PACO » Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:23 am

iCTF/sCTF 5v5 Rules:

#1 TeamSpeak3 is required for iCTF. A microphone is not required, however you are expected to listen. If you do not have TeamSpeak3, download it here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads .

#2 Idle captains will not have pugs reset unless they specify that they will not be around.

#3 The Red Captain has 1 minute to choose a server ip from the designated list of servers.If the Red Captain fails to do so within 1 minute, the Blue Captain may now choose the server.

#4 There is a 10 minute time limit for players to join TS, UT and be clicked and ready to go.If nobody complains, no ban will be handed out. If someone complains, a ban may be handed out ranging from 2-24 hours, depending on how late the party was and their previous history with regards to punctuality.

#5 Idling. If a player drops, the opposing captain is responsible for having a player on his team idle. The team with the player that dropped is responsible for spamming and informing the other team. If an assigned player does not idle, they will be banned. If the captain does not assign a player to idle, they will be banned. It is preferable that the idle player seeks out a fair sub if the dropped player will not be returning.

#6 Going idle in-game for more than 4 minutes is unacceptable. If the other team requests it, you will be banned.

#7 Aliasing is acceptable as long as you identify yourself to the other team if they request it. Impersonating is a different matter. Bans can range from 16-48 hours.

#8 Bouncing aka Frog Jumping: If you accidentally bounce, you must suicide. If you do not suicide you may be banned from 6-12 hours. If you are intentionally bouncing and doing it on multiple occasions, it will result in a 24 hour ban on the first occasion with increasing penalties for further infractions.

#9 There will be two maps, player. The first chosen by Blue and the second chosen by Red. Eligible maps will be in the MapVote. Whichever team chooses the map, the other team has the option to choose the other color if they desire. Both parties can agree to a tiebreaker however it is not mandatory.

#10 The Captain of each team is responsible for choosing a map and the setting positions. If players do not obey the captain and accept their positions, they will be subject to a ban.

#11 Do not intentionally exploit map glitches or illegal flag drops.

#12 If you need a sub, make sure it is reasonable. Failure to find a sub or finding an unreasonable sub may result in a 12-24h ban.

#13 Laming. The amount of time that you will be banned will be proportionate to the extent of your laming.

#14 Dead Pugging = 24 hours on the first occasion. Multiple offenses can lead to lengthy bans at the admins discretion.

#15 Ban evasion. If you evade your ban, you can expect it to double.

iDOM 4v4 Rules:

All pug etiquette rules mirror iCTF 5v5.

iCTF/iTDM 2v2 Rules:

All pug etiquette rules mirror iCTF 5v5.

iMultiCTF 3v3v3v3 Rules:

#1 Two maps will be played based on popular vote.

#2 Do not boost the flag to a location that requires two people to reach it. This will result in a 12 hour ban.

#3 Do not frog hop.

#4 You must use TeamSpeak.

#5 Anything goes, try and have fun.

iJailBreak 5v5 Rules:

#1 Do not frog hop.

#2 You must use TeamSpeak.

#3 You are allowed to hide as long as you were not boosted.

iTDM 2v2v2v2 Rules:

#1 Teams are automatically created. If they are uneven you may ask for a trade however it is not required.

#2 Each pug will be 20 minutes and only 1 map however teams can agree to play additional maps. Maps will be chosen based on popular vote.

#3 Do not frog hop.

#4 TeamSpeak is not required but you are encouraged to get on for "the lulz".

Additional Notes:

#1 Cheaters/Lamers may be banned indefinitely. It is up to admin discretion.

#2 TeamSpeak exceptions may be handed out to players with unique ping issues however each case must be admin approved.

#3 Rules are constantly evolving and may be subject to change.
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