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Logitech G502 - Settings

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:30 pm
by HIGH[+]AdRiaN
Hi guys, I think most of you dont know me, im Adrian aka Killua.
I recently bought a Logitech G502. I heared this mouse has the best sensor on market, specially for play without acceleration.
I play UT since 2008, and i ALWAYS used acceleration ON, because it's super accurate on slow mouse movements, and super fast on fast movements... but, I decided try to play without acceleration with this new mouse. My aim with acceleration on is kinda good, much praise me for it, but i already saw a lot of players with another level of aim, very better than me, and all of them dont use acceleration.

I tried play without acceleration, just unchecking this box:


But, i cant hit nothing! Idk if im doing some thing wrong or im just not used to play without acceleration.
You guys knows if is better use any .reg for improve the aim? And, how many dpi/sens is good for play without acceleration?

I use open GL, fov 111, 1080p @ 120hz, 160 fps limit (set 120 is better?)

hardware: nVidia GTX750, i5 4460, 8GB RAM
Mousepad SS QcK/Razer Goliathus (I prefer QcK)

[EDIT: wrong area on forum, sorry, im dont know well this forum]