Global Unreal DRAFT and PLAY

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Global Unreal DRAFT and PLAY

Postby risus` » Sun Apr 13, 2014 2:07 am

Purpose: - The purpose of the Global Unreal single DAY Draft is to bring the community together to compete among each other. Player vs fellow player , friends vs friends. The idea behind the draft is to select Team Captains from all participating players. The Team Captains will proceed with selecting players from the remainder in our TS channel. This would be our first "official" single day Draft Tournament.

-Any rules/time limits/maps/ could change from here until the tournament

- Players Gather on Teamspeak
- Team size is determined by amount of players (Goal 5v5 but could be 2v2/3v3/4v4)
- There will be two channels, Team Captains (Those Interested) & Player Pool (Choose not to Team Captains)
- Team Captains will choose from the Player Pool
- Team captains select team one by one taking turns until teams are filled
-As players are chosen, they will JOIN the Game Server & wait for Team Captains to join
- Team's are moved into team's channel with Pre-Selected server
- All players load up on servers (Discussing Strategies is your decision, You have channel to self for 5 to 10 minutes to figure that out)
- Once both team's are in server. Players begin match of 15 minutes iCTF
- Each Team Captain is responsible for taking Screenshot of scoreboard for Kills/Deaths/Wins/Loss's, etc for tournament statistics
- Team captain will report a win or loss after the match to let everyone know whom won or lost
- After first round match's are completed, we'll proceed to the next round. The more teams, the longer will all be up gaming.

Some more information...
- one day tournament for players (not teams)
- Between 2 PM EST & 2:15 PM EST, We'll wait for players to join the Teamspeak Server
- After 2:15PM EST, Player Pool channel will be locked.
- Late Comers will join the...Late Channel
- Single map elimination

The faster the match the quicker we proceed from round to round. There will be a channel designated for players whom want to substitute in. Only players eliminated can be subbed in. This is for the situation someone cannot proceed from start to finish. If more than one person is in this channel, each one will be given a number at random, and the person will have to select a number at random. This will prevent someone from just picking "the best" player. We don't want any player to feel like they didn't deserve to play. This is suppose to be a fun tournament.

Hopefully this makes sense. Basically it is a single day draft and tournament. This is only a rough draft but I believe it would have a lot of potential to be a good time. Considering there was close to 200 people on IRC on draft day this season than I am sure we would be able to field a lot of teams. Most people could commit to one day.
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Re: Global Unreal DRAFT and PLAY

Postby TimTim » Sun Apr 13, 2014 2:15 am

Pretty cool idea! It seems simple enough, but it'd be interesting to see how many people don't quite get it. :lol:
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