Upcoming Matches

Upcoming Matches

Postby RickJames » Thu May 29, 2014 1:55 am


Bleh sits awaiting his opponent for the upper bracket final. Two matches must be played to decide his opponent:

znatch vs GoteN
- I really don't know much about GoteN, but a 7 seed is very respectable. He hasn't faced any top 10 opponents yet, with the exception of dannyk. znatch, the #2 seed, has also only had one very strong opponent (nux) so far. znatch is one of the best raw fraggers, if not the best, in normal weapons tdm and 1v1. I have to favor him here because of this, making GoteN the underdog. I expect GoteN to favor slower paced, more strategic maps like Liandri, in hopes of nullifying znatch's aggression and lightning reflexes. znatch will favor faster paced maps, and his spawn raping and lighting fast fragging will hopefully provide lots of entertainment on stream :D

(Winner of znatch vs GoteN) vs TNT
- TNT has played well above his #19 seed, defeating the well-respected #3 seed dzejmz^, who recently upset bleh in the esl duel cup, and mopping the floor with the #11 seed valco. Whoever he faces, this will be a hell of a game. Znatch is the favorite to beat both goten and TNT and stare down his sas clanmate bleh in the ub final, but with TNT in this kind of shape, it seems like TNT might have a chance of pulling yet another upset.

In the loser's bracket, lobo (the winner of rAvje's 1v1 cup), sseNz (if he shows up), dzejmz (esl duel cup winner), Aiwon, Tobe, and others all have chances of making their way into the championship game, to face the upper bracket final winner.

Hope to see a lot of streams in the future! :D
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