GlobalUnreal Epilogue

GlobalUnreal Epilogue

Postby PACO » Thu Sep 11, 2014 9:19 pm

Ladies and gentlemen.. boys and girls, thank you for tuning in to the final announcement from

While this might seem sudden for some, it has been in the works for a while. I started GlobalUnreal in late 2011 when things were looking bleak and activity was as sparse as a pond in the desert but since then, things have come a long way. There have been many ups and enough downs both in public and behind the scenes. Without going into specifics, wheels were spinning and going nowhere fast when I decided to take a hiatus back in January but the time away rejuvenated me and gave me a fresh perspective on how things could and should be done. GlobalUnreal was a great learning experience but the ratio between guiding the ship vs bailing water meant I was never able to push things where I wanted them to go. A ship is even harder to steer when it is sitting on the bottom of the ocean but this next project should have us above deck more often (HOPEFULLY).

Before going into details about any upcoming projects, I want to personally thank HULKSMASH who stepped up in the direst of times along with all of the other admins who have helped to make this such a wonderful place (HuMPty, Nobody`, Monk, spydee, vitrae, kud, Rum, rain, ulo along with all of the other ops grinding and putting in work). Big props to mrgrins and m3ss for casting events, along with mr ravioli man. Also haven't forgotten about contributions from people who have come and gone (and hopefully will come back again) like torch and all of the dudes who have been donating servers throughout the years who have helped to make this a better place. There has been a lot of collaboration and I'm looking to build on that going forward. That is why you will be seeing a lot of the usual names working together on a new project since being compatible and cohesive are both important qualities for attaining success. It's a fresh start with a clear vision of what we would like to accomplish and what envelopes we would like to be push.

What is A gaming website focused on competition and community. While there will be Unreal Tournament at the core (looking at you UT4), there will also eventually be other games, community nights, streams, talk shows and events. We will be holding ourselves to very high standards and are looking to put out professional content along with professional coverage (nods at mrgrins and m3ssTV). The site will be automated, advanced stats will be collected and users won't need to check the forums for match reports. It's a fresh start and a new beginning. We are all very motivated.

The Fall rotation of 2014 will be a busy one with tournaments, leagues and a return of normal weapons back into the spotlight. To find out more about who is involved and what we plan on doing, visit us as



PS: GlobalUnreal will be archived and I'll be doing occasional spotlights taking a peak at certain moments in time during the history of this website. GGs and thanks for stopping by.
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