Newbie guide: How to join IRC and play your first PUG!

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Newbie guide: How to join IRC and play your first PUG!

Postby Chica » Tue May 21, 2013 9:33 am


Welcome private!

What is the difference between a public server and a pug?
PUG stands for "Pick Up Game" which is a more organized way of playing and are higher skilled than the regular "public" servers.

We play with NewNet on our servers, which is a UT mod that eliminates movement lag for any ping and makes every shot feel like it is fired straight away. NewNet makes it possible
for people to play anywhere in the world, regardless of ping or location to server. It evens the playing ground and makes this community possible.

For older players returning to UT: it feels like Zero Ping, with little to no zero ping bugs.

To play a pug you will need:

    1) Image Unreal Tournament 99 (Tip: Buy the Unreal pack on Steam for $9.99)
    3) Image TeamSpeak (Download). This is used to voice chat while playing the pug.
    4) Image Preferable but not required: A microphone*
    5) Image Maps - check out the map packs under the Downloads section (bottom of this post).

    *If you do not have a microphone, you are required to add 'nomic' to the end of your name on IRC. This is to let people know you won't be using a microphone during the game.
    Since in most gametypes is a team effort where good communication is crucial, it would be wise to invest a few bucks on a mic if you enjoy it and intend to stick around.


    Connect to IRC

    After you have installed MIRC, connect to server:

    Then join:
    #ipug (the instagib pug channel)
    #upug (the weapons pug channel)
    #globalunreal (the general channel)

    You can do this by typing this in the command line:

    /join #ipug

    Or you can add them to your standard perform on connect (this means that every time you start IRC it will enter these channels).
    You can do this by going to Tools -> Options -> Connect/Options -> Perform
    and then the following line, seperating the channels by a comma, eg:

    /join #ipug,#upug,#globalunreal

    Other channels that might interest you which aren't run by Global Unreal are:

    If you want to learn how to join multiple IRC networks, view this handy guide by FALLACY.

    Joining a PUG in #iPug with the PUG bot
    To see what game types are available and filling, type: .list

    That gives you the following list:

    Here you can see an overview of how many people are signed up for which gametype.
    We can see that there are currently 5/10 players signed up for iCTF. Say for instance you would like to know who's signed up so far, you can also type .list <gametype>.
    For example: .list ictf


    You see an overview of how many people out of how many needed have signed up for the different game types.

    Say you feel like playing iCTF, then all you have to do is type:

    .j ictf

    And you will be added. It's as simple as that.
    If you want to add to multiple gametypes, that's also possible (you will automatically leave the other game types as soon as one fills).

    So for example ifyou want to add yourself to iCTF, iDOM and iTDM you can type:

    .j ictf idom itdm

    Other useful commands:
    .lva - leave all gametypes
    .mystats - view stats for how many games you've played etc.
    .captain - set yourself as a captain (this can only be done after the pug has filled)
    .liast - view the current list + last game
    .last - view the last played game
    .lastt - view the game prior to last
    .lasttt - view two games before last

    What happens when the PUG has been filled

    Once a pug has been filled (i.e. all available spots have been filled), captains will be chosen to create teams*. Someone can either choose to captain by typing .captain, but if no two players step up, the bot will automatically set two players as captain.
    The people who have been elected captain then type .here so that the bot knows that the captains are present. (If a captain is AFK, he will automatically be kicked by the pugbot).
    The captains then take turns picking players until all players have been distributed.

    *Depending on gametype. For instance, in the gametype itdm the bot automatically creates teams and for death match there are no teams.

    You then have 10 minutes to join TeamSpeak and join the server.

    Join TeamSpeak
    Open teamspeak, connect to No password is needed.

    Then scroll down to #iPug teams and choose the channel your team mates are in. Multiple channels exist so that multiple pugs can play simultaneously.
    Say you're red, join your teammates in the red channel. If you're first in, choose the first available channel in your team colour. Not sure what colour you are? By typing .last in mirc you can see to what team you were assigned.

    Join the Game
    This part is pretty straight forward, copy the IP address which has been suggested as IP and fire up your UT. Go to Multiplayer > Open Location and paste the IP address. Remember to also copy the password, which is normally 'pug'. Make sure there are no spaces before and after the IP adress, or you won't be able to connect. Click OK and you will enter the server.


    Have fun
    Once in, you can join the correct team by typing (Press T in game) !blue or !red (in iTDM there is also: !green and !gold).

    Blue is allowed to choose the first map and red the second. Once the team has settled on a map, you can type !v to bring up the vote menu.

    Play by the rules and be sure to check out the iCTF basics and Do's and Don'ts below.

    Mrgrins has also once been so kind as to make a video on how to install and connect MIRC, install TS, join your first pug, etc.


    An informative video as how to setup your UT was once made by rootsoft:

    Looking for an INI? Whether it's for weapons of instagib: SJA94 has made a website with INI's for you to download and try.
    So fancy a play with unrealshots', fallacy's or ravonix' settings? They're all on here:

    Need help getting your ut running smoothly? There's a troubleshooting forum waiting for your question.

    What instagib gametypes are there on #ipug?
      1) The most common gametype: Capture the Flag (iCTF)
      2) Team Deathmatch (iTDM)
      3) Domination (iDOM)
      4) Deathmatch (iDM)
      5) Multi CTF (mCTF)
      6) Teamdeathmatch War (itdmwar)
      7) Jailbreak (jb)
      8) 2 vs. 2 Team Deathmatch (2itdm)
      9) 2 vs. 2 Capture the flag (2ictf)

    What else is available on #ipug?
      1) SniperCTF
      2) Shock Domination (sDOM)

- Read and play by the rules
- Use comms!
- Coordinate your attacks!
- Cover the flagcarrier (iCTF)
- Try and call out enemy attackers positions for the defense! (iCTF)

- Cheat (duh)
- Backshoot
- Chase people
- Lame
- Be racist

Next to having your daily dose of pugs, we also run big tournaments every few months and also host leagues. The community is fun and the activity is off the hooks. The game, albeit old, still attracts many players from all over the world. So invite your friends, pass them this guide and start playing!

This is a preview of one of our Death Match tournaments that over 130+ people signed up for!



We'll be adding guides to how to play iCTF (and possibly other gametypes) soon!

Boosting? Cherrypicking? DMing? Soon we'll be posting an explanation of what the UT lingo means...

Community heroes....

Have you got any (CONSTRUCTIVE) tips, inis, gametype basics or experiences to share with new/returning players? Post them here.

Or are you interested in helping to make tutorial videos/guides? PM PACO, our lord and UT saviour.
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Re: Newbie guide: How to join IRC and play your first PUG!

Postby m3ss » Tue May 21, 2013 10:38 am

Nice guide! Very informative. I look forward to seeing more.
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Re: Newbie guide: How to join IRC and play your first PUG!

Postby PACO » Tue May 21, 2013 2:36 pm

GREAT post Chica, very informative. We will definitely be building off of it and populating this subforum.


I wish I had more hands... so that I could give this post FOUR THUMBS UP!
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Re: Newbie guide: How to join IRC and play your first PUG!

Postby LoD » Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:45 pm


i am a newbie and just wanted to join my first pug. .list does not bring up anything and .j ictf or so does also not result in anything... Any tipps?

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Re: Newbie guide: How to join IRC and play your first PUG!

Postby InfamousRaider » Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:53 pm

LoD wrote:Hello,

i am a newbie and just wanted to join my first pug. .list does not bring up anything and .j ictf or so does also not result in anything... Any tipps?


Are you sure that you are connected to the correct IRC server and channel? If you are connected to the right channel there should be a pretty constant stream of chat with people joining and pugs starting frequently. Once you get there you can ask for help on IRC.
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Re: Newbie guide: How to join IRC and play your first PUG!

Postby LoD » Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:52 am

Oh yes, now it works. I was on Quakenet-Server, but could join the channels and also see soome users and activity, but the commands did not work!?

thanks and regards,
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Re: Newbie guide: How to join IRC and play your first PUG!

Postby TimTim » Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:05 pm >
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