Introduction to sDOM and it's mechanics

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Introduction to sDOM and it's mechanics

Postby ulo » Sun Jun 01, 2014 6:46 pm

First off welcome to sDOM, here is the place you will find all information you need to get going with playing sDOM

Secondly great thanks to Monk and oskr who made the post and the video respectively last season. I have now compacted them into one post to give you all a great introduction to sDOM and it's mechanics.

Here is a great video to get you going with sDOM

phpBB [video]

If you don't want to watch the entire video here is a list of the powerups and all other important things in sDOM:
(I have not time to read the entire information! Then read the red text for a fast version.)

ImageThe Control Point

These little shining floating UT symbols are the be all and end all of domination. In every map played in this cup, there will be three control points. Tag this bad boy and it will reward your team with 0.2 domination points for every second that you hold it. As important as every other item about to be listed below is, always remember what the end goal is.
ImageShock Rifle

Shoot the guns - Everybody spawns with one of these. Just like in regular weapons mods, the primary fire does 60 damage per hit. Unlike regular weapons mods, the secondary fire is disabled, so crouch combos are off the menu.
ImageDamage Amplifier

Respawn Time: 110 seconds

Description: This item definitely comes next in terms of the impact it can have on a map. As with in other UT mods, the damage amplifier gifts your gun with 3x damage, so each of your shots now does 180 damage. Crucially however - unlike in CTF or other mods - this Amp will not expire after a set period of time. The only way to end an amp run is to shoot the amp carrier down. Whether your team abandons control points temporarily to hunt down an amped opponent or to leave him to roam free and concentrate on the control points is a tactical decision that each team and player has to make. If you time no other items, at least time this.
ImageAnti-Gravity Boots

Respawn Time: 27.5 seconds

Description: I don't think you're ready for this jelly. I don't think you're ready for this jelly. I don't think you're ready for this 'cause my body's too bootylicious for ya babe.

Boots take on a surprisingly high level of importance in sDOM, and make you more powerful than a bear on DiamondSword. The only maps where boots are present are maps where boots can be used as a much easier route to getting amp - Deck and Tempest. Although these amps can still be boosted to, it's much tougher, and boots give you a major advantage. The booties still function the same in sDOM as they do in other mods - you can jump considerably higher, you get 3 strikes and you're out, and as long as you have 1 or more jump left you gain 100% air control.
ImageShield Belt

Respawn Time: 55 seconds

Description: A belt has never been this useful since when Batman was in his prime. This particular pickup will not only protect you from 150 points worth of damage, but it will also absorb 100% of the damage you are given until it is depleted
ImageBig 'ol Keg-o-health

Respawn Time: 90 seconds

Description: An item with a variable amount of strength depending on your current health. Unlike in regular mods where this mod gives you +100 health (up to 199), in sDOM the keg simply sets your health to 199, regardless of your current health.

Note: You can not pick up the Keg-o-Health if you already have 199 health.
ImageBody Armor

Respawn Time: 27.5 seconds

Description: This item actually gives the highest armor per second output of any pickup in the game. Time it perfectly and you'll end up with 33% more armor than a guy who times a belt perfectly. As with in reg, it offers you 100 armor points. Bear in mind that one disadvantage it does have over belt is that it only absorbs 75% of the damage you take. One hit from a shock rifle will remove 45 armor and 15 health.
ImageThigh Pads

Respawn Time: 27.5 seconds

Description: A poor mans body armor. They have the same respawn time as armor but only give you 50 armor points. They also only absorb 50% of any damage you take. One shot from a shock rifle would remove 30 of your pads armor and 30 health.

Note: Regardless of the order you picked them up, if you have both armor and pads, armor triggers first. So any armor you have absorbs 75% of the damage and pads absorbs 50% of the remaining damage. If you had full armor and pads, one shot from a shock rifle would take 52 armor and 8 health: Armor takes 45 of the 60. Pads takes 7 of the remaining 15. Yay Mathematics.
ImageHealth Vials

Respawn Time: 27.5 seconds

Description: The most common powerup on every map, you will see plenty of these littered around the maps. They are commonly found in sets of 3. Each of these vials will give you +7 health up to a maximum of 199. Try and remember that each hit from a shock rifle will do 60 damage, and determine the worth of going to pick up vials considering how many of them you will need to survive an extra hit before dying. Most commonly, you need 3 directly after spawning to survive an extra hit.

Note: You can not pick up any health vials if you already have 199 health.
ImageHealth Packs

Respawn Time: 18.33 seconds

Description: Like the keg-o-health, the strength of this item depends on your current health. Unlike in reg where this gives you +20 health (up to 100 health), this mini-me Keg sets your health to 100 - as long as your health is 99 or lower. Don't worry, it isn't going to take 99 health off you if you accidentally walk over it after picking up Keg.

Note: You can not pick up a health pack if your health exceeds or is equal to 100.
ImageShock Core

Respawn Time: 27.5 seconds

Description: Ammo for your gun. Unlike in reg where it gives you 10 extra shots, in sDOM one ammo pickup will set your ammo count back to 50. Pay special attention to the ammo counter on your screen, shock cores are more limited in some maps than others, and although they seem insignificant in most situations, there may come a time when you are glad to have learned where they are.

If I have missed something please feel free to fill in the gap or if you have any thoughts then feel free to ask any question!
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