L Pugbot Commands

command prefixes are ! and . only. the only exception is the query command which is just q server. L can have multiple mods (puglists) per channel. if you only have one mod in your channel, ignore the <mod> part of the following commands unless stated otherwise. all ops in the channel have access to all admin commands. for help contact spydee on irc.globalgamers.net

Basic Pug Commands

!join, !j <mod1|tag> <mod2|tag> - joins multiple mods with tags. tags are shown in a .list. used to specify information for picking purposes
!leave, !l <mod>
!leaveall, !lva
- leaves all pugs you are joined, not just ones in the channel you type it in
!list, !ls <mod> - in channels with more than one mod !list will list the mods
!last, !la <mod> - can also use without <mod>
!liast, !lia - can also use without <mod>
!promote <mod>

!turn - shows which captain is currently picking

!here - type this to prevent getting kicked for idle captain
!teams - shows current teams during picking

Admin Commands

!pugbot <on|off>
!addmod <mod> <tag> - mod required
!delmod <mod> - mod required
!settag <mod> <tag> - tag is the little bit of info shown at the beginning of a .list or .last
!setlimit <mod> <#> - number of players required to start a pug
!setpickorder <mod> <#> - 1 (default) or 2 (for 4-team pugs)
!setnumteams <mod> <#> - # of teams in the pug. max 8 teams
!setpugtype <mod> <#> - 0 for manual picking pugs, 1 for random pugs, 2 for deathmatch pugs (no teams)
!sethybridpug <#> - 0 (default) must specify a mod in all commands, 1 will allow commands without mod given (joins the 'pug' mod). stillable to use mod in commands. use .listall and .liastall for full puglists
!reset - resets captains and teams in the started pug
!fullreset <mod> - fully resets pug, removing all players
!setcaptain <player> - manually set a captain
!addplayer <mod> <nick>
!delplayer <mod> <nick>
!setlink# <link>
!addrule# <rule>
!setip# <name> unreal://ip:port
!setalias <alias> unreal://ip:port
!delalias <alias>
!setts# <ip:port> - PORT IS REQUIRED FOR TS
!setvoicepug <0|1>
- 0 allows anyone to pug, 1 for voiced players only
!settheme <theme> - use .themes for a list of available themes
!setmaps <maps>
!setstream <link>
!setstats <stats link>


!taunt <player> - different messages before/during/when picked as captain
!deltag, !nomic, !tag <tag> - !deltag removes tags, !nomic changes all pugtags to nomic, !tag sets a custom tag for all mods
!gt <id> <text> - translates text into language specified by the shortform identifier for the language i.e. en,de,fr
- returns all pickorders available
!pickorder <mod> - current pickorder for <mod>
- stats link set from .setstats
!findstats <*player*> - wildcard search. returns a maximum of 5 results
!stats <player> <mod> - mod is optional
!ts<#> <server:port> - if # is used queries server set by .setts#
q <ut99/ut2k4/source alias or ip#>

Styling taken from UTStats