About running your own tournament

So you have a great idea for a tournament and the balls to run it yourself?

About running your own tournament

Postby HULKSMASH » Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:06 pm

As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our beloved game, we continue to look for ways to keep things fun and exciting. Last year Global Unreal already added some variation to the standard leagues and tournaments by succesfully hosting our first sDOM league and spent an entire Sunday afternoon giggling during , which was a Team Last Man Standing competition.

We've noticed that recently on the forum more and more people seem to be having great ideas for smaller tournaments such as quick cups, tournaments for new/other gametypes, nations cups and even triathlons!

As much as we would love to implement as many fantastic tournaments as possible... Sometimes the admins need a break too ;) So... we're wondering if any of you dedicated players is interested in running your own tournament this year? You would serve as head admin of your tournament, setting the rules, maps, organising schedules, teams, etc.

We would provide you with the means to run it:
- Signup section on website
- Information / schedule / results on website (you are also in charge of updating this)
- Bannering on website
- Servers
- TS (if applicable)
- Help and advice

Naturally we only will take ideas into consideration if they are serious, realistically possible and don't conflict with other tournaments/leagues GU is running.

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