sDOM Team Preview

The wait is over, the draft is done and the teams have been selected. I decided I'd take a quick post-draft glance and get some first week analysis going.

Team Monk - $6357

The Starters: Monk, RAVONIX, snky, ulo
The Bench: cafe, rasta-man, Se7eN, SK8

Monk finished the draft with the most money to play with ($143) and one of the most complete rosters. I won't be surprised if he doesn't use a single trade all season (barring unexplained absences or early bed times.. looking at snky and not the Euros).

The team has championship pedigree written all over it. RAVONIX and snky teamed up together under ulo and won the inaugural GlobalUnreal sDOM season. If Monk can bring Pete level contributions, this team could easily be hoisting the championship at the end of the season. The official kryptonite will be Monk's shoddy internet connection however the community will be watching with anticipation to see if Monk can elevate his game and his team above a second place finish.

The development team is also looking sharp with cafe as the first man off of the bench. No stranger to shooting high 40acc and with sDOM experience under his belt, he might even make a case to be a starter by the end of the season (if he can ever stop pouring malt liquor for his fallen homie). rasta-man has also showed a knack to dominate dev games in past seasons.. the tooth fairy has promised that he will be visiting all of his opponents this season and paying them in rubles. Se7 will be a great utility player to have handy and SK8 might get drafted into some South American military.


Team Miracle - $6359

The Starters: bleh-, n0b, lockpick, Miracle
The Bench: whitechocakagod, krm`, iiSpyz, 51ninja

Clocking in at $2 less frugal than the Monkster, Miracle assembled a team with one of the highest ceilings in the entire league. The only problem is that this ceiling is a highrise being manufactured by a Nigerian Prince that is requesting envelopes of cash and payments through Western Union to multiple addresses in different countries.

bleh was gifted to Miracle and no timeouts were needed to quickly snag the highest rated player in the tournament. The second top tier player selected was n0b. This was also a great pick but due to pug activity, Miracle invested $2857 into players who haven't exactly been burning up the pug scene in #iPug. I was okay with the picks just because of how talented his top two would be but I was sure that he would go with some safer picks to shore up his roster. Miracle who is no stranger to risk decided to swing for the fences by picking up an even more inactive player in lockpick. An anonymous source later confided that Miracle was banking on lockpick being snowed in and active during the Winter season. Miracle will make a solid fourth to round out his roster but he's going to be working overtime organizing and motivating his players.

The bench is solid with whitechoc being the first man off of the bench. The only problem is that we removed Cinder and he was a one trick pony who is slowly adapting to becoming just a pony. It has been years since the magnets on his fridge have seen use for UT99 screenshots but Winter 2015 could be a chance to resurrect a once famed name that struck terror in public servers from Cali to Jakarta. krm will be solid and iiSpyz should be available but the dev fourth might be a weak link against some of the stronger teams. ninja will be a question mark with his partial availability but if he gets active, he could pleasantly surprise a team that took a lot of gambles.

Team Junkyardboy - $6387

The Starters: JYB, Cromaniac, PACO, risus
The Bench: rev, D4RR3N, clankiller, otb

The JYBster has been one of the best hitscan players for the past 5 years. With championships, accolades and impressive statistical benchmarks under his belt.. JYB will look to conquer an area that he has struggled with in the past: sDOM. The aim and brain are both there but he will need to put it all together and become the full package for his team to have a chance at contending this season. Cromaniac was a safe first pick and he should be able to win most solo points and go up opposing teams best players. Picking PACO as a 3rd man was slightly risky (especially with some paltry stats archived in recent months) but picking PACO is never a bad thing. Teams that play with PACO are infused with charisma and euphoria. PACO is also a competitor and will do his best not to suck this season. The final starter is a relatively unknown sDOM player in risus. The ceiling will be high but the team will need him to practice and get some sort of rhythm otherwise he will be $1000+ of dead weight.

JYB will need to consider all of his options and decide who will be the designated amp player on each map. The team has strong 1v1 players but they are missing a viperz, ramdrop, pete or bleh who can blow a game wide open with an amp.

The bench will have strong leadership with rev playing the role of a 5th man who can jump in for risus if he is a bust. D4RR3N (UT prodigy extraordinaire), clankiller and otb will also be solid players available for JYB. Maps selected will likely affect which player gets the call, along with pug performances during the week.

Team NakedMan - $6439

The Starters: Pete, bug, Sauron, KNOCKOUTDAD
The Bench: Sponge, NakedMan, Sylia, Chamberly

Being naked in the middle of winter is always a bit of risky endeavor but the NakedMan will try to his best to clothe himself in victory. Leading into the draft, I was not sure who he was eyeing with his first pick but taking Pete is no surprise. He is rock solid, has an sDOM championship under his belt and is lockdown on several points. bug was also a terrific addition to the squad since he can handle a 1v1 against any player in the league and has improved his efficiency with returning to and tagging dom points. The third man on this team is Angus who was crying about being overrated but still selected relatively early compared to other players in his range. The final starter will be KNOCKOUTDAD who I see as an x-factor for the team.. If he is active and on point, they will have an extremely well rounded team.

The starting four is extremely powerful but sDOM is a game where composure means everything. This team has some fire crackers and a few plugs with no sockets. Will they keep it together? Maybe. How will they handle adversity? We shall see.

The bench for this team is very solid as long as Sponge makes all of his matches. Sponge is one of the most improved players in the community over the past few years. He is a starter in iCTF seasons and could easily play as a starter in sDOM if he dedicates enough time. On the note of NakedMan...

phpBB [video]

Team RickJames - $6433

The Starters: Viperz, Morpheus, FALLACY, RickJames
The Bench: dev, crux, HakunaMatata, bittin

RickJames is starting a new draft tradition and it is one that is leaving the community in dismay.. first round timeouts? This should never happen however Da Boi Rick has been blazing new paths. As the extra 2 minutes were granted, the community was holding its collective breath and wondering if the blehminem reunion was around the corner..


Once spurned and thrice burned, Rick opted to pass on his childhood hero and made one of the best selections of the night by picking Viperz. If I was captaining and had any pick in the draft, Viperz would have been near the top of my draft board due to his ability to dominate difficult points and manage amp runs. The team has a Batman and will need Morpheus to emulate the Scottie Pippen role. Depending on how many pugs Morph gets under his belt, he might be an x-factor but if he comes into matches relying solely on his fragging.. Rick and co will likely be disappointed. The third highest rated player was FALLACY who was autopicked by the draft bot. We suspect this was theatrics by Rick however the impact of FALLACY will be one of the biggest question marks of the season.. Before his VACation, FALLACY was outplayed by players like m3ss (who doesn't even have jump bound), so he will need to bust his tail off to earn his salary. The final starter on this team is Rick who started at the bottom now his whole team is here. From carving pumpkins to contending in sDOM.

The bench for this team will be strong assuming both crux and dev show. Both are perfect players for development matches and could potentially fill in as starters however if one is missing, Rick will likely need to make a trade. bittin has been fairly inactive and HakunaMatata still has to prove that he is good for more than singing songs around a campfire.

Team csn - $6444

The Starters: rain, paleface, csn, Xenoscythe
The Bench: exixt, biz, Murder, z4TaN

chosen clocks in with a roster only $1 more expensive than Rick but with a very different composition. Paleface as a first round selection would not be surprising in almost any gametype but in sDOM, it seemed like chosen was fishing for a sleeper pick and deviating from the norm. The selection made a lot more sense as csn nabbed rain and started a shockWave reunion. This trio was extremely well balanced and successful during the iCTF season and they will look to dominate this upcoming shock DOM season. Xeno rounds out the roster as a solid fourth and he should bring some decent sDOM IQ to the table.


This team will live and die with rain and if he can impose his will on the game like in iCTF.. watch out. The Achilles heel for this team will be Saturday night drinking and chosen.

Exixt and biz should form a formidable dev duo. Exixt has shown that he can play with the big dogs on certain points (like Seraphim mid) and it will be a luxury to have him available for starter matches depending on the matchups. Shout outs to biz for being a beautiful human being. I expect Murder will send bottles of champagne to everyone's house if the team wins.. best $100 pickup.. ever.

Team ScReaM - $6472

The Starters: ramdrop, Sens, ScReaM, Supreme
The Bench: flowX, JD, Pun, Zac

The Bromance is real between ScReaM and ramdrop and why not? These two have teamed up for successful seasons in the past and with ramdrop playing out of his mind.. it was a no-brainer pick. ramdrop can demoralize his opposition with insanely high acc and devastating amp runs however he will need someone to soothe his nerves when the emo bugs come and bite. ramdrop is bi-polar on the battlefield and there is no middle ground. With a short season, ScReaM will be praying that he caught him on a high. ScReaM went full God Save the Queen when he elected to pick Sens however this was once again a very solid selection. Sens joined club Angus this preseason by hammering home the message that he was overrated but with his shot on point and his sDOM familiarity, he should be a top level player this season. ScReaM should join the starters however his fourth man will be up for debate. Supreme is priced higher than flowX however price alone will not necessarily dictate who gets the nod. I imagine several different rosters for several different maps.

Despite the starters not being fixed, flowX will be able to participate in dev games and this will be huge for ScReaM having such a talented 5th man. JD is also extremely solid, Pun will probably be pugging iCTF however the lowest rated player might earn some playing time if he continues to put in work in #iPug. Zac is a community up-and-comer and I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a few maps under his belt this season.

Team HULKSMASH - $6492

The Starters: Rummy, HuMPtY, blackout, kud
The Bench: HULKSMASH, windigo, nightwing, KillEmAll

This was the first time that HULKSMASH has ever captained and I must commend her on doing such a great job. Rummy is was a great first pick however she will need to motivate him not to dork it up in RPGs and to get his hitscan on. HuMPtY was another great pick up, especially for his price. Both Rummy and HuMPtY should have a lot of specialty spots covered on most maps and this will really help take off pressure from players like blackout and kud (who are reuniting). blackout slipped in the draft but he has come a long way from his early Capture The Godlike days. kud was also a great pick in the second last round however his overall impact will likely depend on whether he can find enough time to shake off the rust. With only a 3 week regular season, he's going to need to get pugging..

Team Achilles --> Final Fantasy (Rum) and --> CS:GO (HuMPtY.. who I won't be able to carry until the end of sDOM)

HULKSMASH will be leading the charge in the dev matches. With years of experience practicing the wiggle, she will hypnotize her opponents and rack up the points. Windigo will be her dev partner-in-crime and due to his extensive knowledge and experience, he should be a solid addition to the team. The end of the bench has some of my favorite guys from the community. I had the pleasure of selecting nightwing (pato) to a few of my teams and I always root for whatever team has KillEmAll. If you aren't on #TeamKillEmAll, then I don't want to see you in this community.

I chose not to actually rank any of the teams and instead listed the teams in the order of lowest-post-draft-salary to the highest. I think that a lot of teams have the potential to surprise and some of the eye candy favorites could easily bust. All in all, I will be wishing every team good luck and I hope you all have fun.. as long as it isn't at my team's expense.

GlobalUnreal Updates
Ladies and gentlemen.. boys and girls, thank you for tuning in to this announcement.

While this might seem sudden for some, it has been in the works for a while. I started GlobalUnreal in late 2011 when things were looking bleak and activity was as sparse as a pond in the desert but since then, things have come a long way. There have been many ups and enough downs both in public and behind the scenes. Without going into specifics, wheels were spinning and going nowhere fast when I decided to take a hiatus back in January but the time away rejuvenated me and gave me a fresh perspective on how things could and should be done.

Before going into details about any upcoming projects, I want to personally thank HULKSMASH who stepped up in the direst of times along with all of the other admins who have helped to make this such a wonderful place (HuMPty, Nobody`, Monk, spydee, vitrae, kud, Rum, rain, ulo along with all of the other ops grinding and putting in work). Big props to mrgrins and m3ss for casting events, along with mr ravioli man. Also haven't forgotten about contributions from people who have come and gone (and hopefully will come back again) like torch and all of the dudes who have been donating servers throughout the years who have helped to make this a better place. There has been a lot of collaboration and I'm looking to build on that going forward. That is why you will be seeing a lot of the usual names working together on a new project since being compatible and cohesive are both important qualities for attaining success. It's a fresh start with a clear vision of what we would like to accomplish and what envelopes we would like to be push.


What is A gaming website focused on competition and community. While there will be Unreal Tournament at the core (looking at you UT4), there will also eventually be other games, community nights, streams, talk shows and events. We will be holding ourselves to very high standards and are looking to put out professional content along with professional coverage (nods at mrgrins and m3ssTV). The site will be automated, advanced stats will be collected and users won't need to check the forums for match reports. It's a fresh start and a new beginning. We are all very motivated.

The Fall rotation of 2014 will be a busy one with tournaments, leagues and a return of normal weapons back into the spotlight. To find out more about who is involved and what we plan on doing, visit us as



PS: GlobalUnreal will be archived and remain as a community hub. We will not be accepting new members. I'll be doing occasional spotlights taking a peak at certain moments in time during the history of this website. GGs and thanks for stopping by.

Honored GU members the time has come to unveil what could be a even less kept secret then the first time around, GU sDOM season II is here!

If you ain't excited yet, here comes a movie that will get you in the mood!


So what on earth is is sDOM? How do I learn to play it?

Everything you need to know to get going with sDOM is HERE!

However sDOM is very different to iCTF. You are strongly recommended to pug sDOM if you want to put your skill set on the map for potential captains and to give you a more accurate salary.

I am totally new to all this? What do I do?
First of all you need to signup HERE. Once you have signed up, you along with everyone else that signed up will be ranked and get a salary. This salary will be used in a draft, where all captains pick their team. Each team will consist of 8 players.

If your a new players it's a good thing to show your active by pugging in #iPug to show your skill and to be easily seen by captains. Chances are if your active and show that you have skills you have a high chance to be picked up on a team.

What time will the matches be played at?
Matches will be at the following time slots:
Development Matches: 14:30//15.00/15:30 EST - 19:30/20.00/20:30 BST - 20:30/21.00/21:30 CEST
Regular Matches: 17:00/17.30/18:00 EST - 22:00pm/22.30/23:00 BST - 23:00/23.30/00:00 CEST

When will the season start and how long will it last?
Draft is planned to 29th of June and first match week on 6th of July. How long and the amount of teams will depend on the amount of player and captain signups. However we are aiming towards a season including playoffs to last around 8 weeks in total.

When will all of the season rules and final season map list be released?
The map list is a constant work and not set in stone. We are going to upload new versions on maps to get them tested out during the signup period. So map list is not 100% set in stone until the end of the signup period. The main bulk of the map list will still be same as last season. There could be a few added and / or one or two removed, but there is not going to be a bigger difference than that.

Rules are still being discussed, but the main part of them are still going to be the same modifications made last year in regard to mod difference. Also the updates made to regular rules such as mercenary rule will also be in the rule set.

Final rules and map list will be released around a week before draft.

One major thing to remember with DOM is of course the lack off this atrocity and boredom!

What we need from you:
  • Play test the maps, voice your opinions.
  • I want community feedback on most matters so make sure you make your opinions heard!
  • Sign up as captain.
  • Sign up as a player! Of course, we need as many players as possible to make this work.

I would like to firstly thank Monk for all the hard work he did during the first season of sDOM. Much of his work have made it easier for me to get this second installation of sDOM onto it's feat. And also a big thanks to all the admins who have helped me so far. Not to forget is the mappers who have helped us with trying to evolve some of the maps from the map list used in the last season and also to give thoughts and input in making new maps.

Things to look forward to:
First and foremost I am proud to present the GU.sDOM All star game! This will go down on the 15th of June between Team North America and Team Europe! More information can be found [url]here[/url]!

We will upload a lot of freshly edited or new maps to be tested to make sure you tag along for this, so you can learn how to dominate the position you like! Being able to grab that all so illusive amplifier and have a great run with it! All this without having to be back shot or spawn camped!


And if none of that has convinced you, consider THIS:

Winter Updates
It was a dark September night in Portugal when vitz started getting cold shakes and was overcome by a feeling of agitation. Something was wrong but he couldn't quite put his finger on what was bothering him. He indulged in some greens and topped it off with a bowl of spinach as he began to scour IRC from the depths of #iPug. Without noticing anything different, he decided to check the forums where he was finally able to identify his unease.


As hundreds of KOTR contenders race to the big show, one has set himself apart and is staring down vitrae in his soulless and blank eyes. Paulie4567 is ready for battle and this time.. he is bringing a new remote control.

Interview with Paulie4567 dropping in the week before KOTR..

KOTR.IV - October 6th, 2013. Unreal Tournament History.
sDOM comes to GlobalUnreal!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and PACO our almighty savior,

In what is probably the worst kept secret in UT history, GU sDOM season I is upon us.

What the hell is sDOM? How does this work?

For those of you who don't know, sDOM is Shock rifle Domination. There are no combos, it is primary fire only, and each shot does 60 damage. There are also health packs, damage amps and armor and health powerups. A full breakdown of sDOM will follow in another post (This post is tl;dr enough as it is).

Players signup for the league and join a free agent pool. They are then ranked and assigned a salary. Team captains will then draft teams based on salary restrictions and finish with a roster of 8 players.

sDOM is very different to iCTF. You are strongly recommended to pug sDOM if you want to put your skill set on the map for potential captains.

There will be development games, as with iCTF. I feel that in sDOM it's even more important to have dev games, as the mod is even more about experience and learning how to play competitively as a team.

What time will the matches be played at?

Matches will be at the same time as matches for the last iCTF season.

Development Matches (2/4 starters): 3:30/4:30pm EST - 8:30/9:30pm BST - 9:30/10:30pm CEST
Regular Matches (No limits): 6:00/7:00pm EST - 11:00pm/0:00am BST - 0:00am/1:00am CEST

Fortunately, there is no overtime in sDOM. This means that forfeitting maps because your team mate has to go to bed can be saved for iCTF IV.


When will the season start and how long will it last?

Good question. This is largely dependent on 2 things: Player signups and Captain signups. As we are entering largely uncharted territory with regards to a GU sDOM season, I don't wish to commit to a particular regular season length at this time that may end up being either too long or too short.

The preliminary date for the draft is: 30th June 2013. This at least is unlikely to change.

Expect regular season to be between 3 and 5 weeks, with a 3 week playoff season.

When will all of the season rules/final season maplist be released?

Aside from Domination obviously being a different mod rule wise, the global rules that we used last season will mostly be followed again, with a few exceptions. I will post the rules at some point this week.

Team roster size will be 8. Development matches will have 2 out of top 4 players eligible to play.

As a number of you will have noticed, we have made an attempt at getting some new sDOM maps to expand the 'original' 6 maps that were initially done by Zeh (and Istaria).

So far the maps that will definitely be in the tournament are:

Image DOM-Olden-sDOM
Image DOM-Campgrounds-sDOM
Image DOM-Peak-sDOM
Image DOM-Tempest-sDOM
Image DOM-Typhoon-test1A

And we have the following maps that will be play-tested - either old maps with changes or new maps. I wont use exact .unr names as they are liable to change:

Image Cinder (Amp is now above Lava)
Image Deck16][ (You can now lift jump to Lifts CP)
Image Liandri (Redeemer CP moved to belt room. Belt moved to Deemer room. Keg now lift jump position in middle.)
Image Curse (Will be modified)

The following maps have been deemed glamorous failures in their current state: Iceotoxin, Malice, Bishop.

What we need from you:

[*] Play test the maps, voice your opinions. I will be making threads shortly.
[*] Sign up as captain. There isn't very many experienced sDOM captains, you aren't going to really be at much of a disadvantage compared to the other players. Pug for a few weeks and you'll easily be on an even level. Man up, captain up.
[*] Sign up as a player! Of course, we need as many players as possible to make this work.

What's still to come:

- A noobie guide to sDOM - A guide to the items, their respawn times, and what they do (most of them are different to reg.)
- Promo video (hopefully)
- More maps, more map edits.
- Refined details about season size and schedule.

Finally, and most importantly, please sign up to play/captain!


And if none of that has convinced you, consider this:



GlobalUnreal/UnrealKillers Partnership

"never trust a man with a mustache."

This old saying kept these two Unreal heads of state out of the same room for quite some time but after much back and forth, the two sides were able to come to agreements and reach deals pertaining to a future direction for Unreal Tournament.

GlobalUnreal houses competitive UT leagues, tournaments and pickup games however that makes up just one portion of the overall Unreal Tournament community. Over the years, Shiva and his right-hand man Sam have built up a formidable pub network and have kept the pubbing scene alive and kicking for several gametypes. Both communities have done well on their own, however the untapped potential from working together is enormous and we plan on maximizing it. Healthy pubs and strong hubs will be key to sustained growth and long-term success.

At the moment, the UK network sees 1000's of players who might have no idea that a competitive scene exists or where to even find it. This will be remedied by notifying players about, alerting them of pug statuses and giving them easy to use options for how to get on IRC (there is even a guide for how to get started). On the flipside, all users using default UT IRC will connect to GlobalUnreal affiliated channels by default. Via IRC scripts, they will be alerted about the online communities and redirected to the UK pub network. Eloy's GlobalUnreal pub will be joining the UK pub network and all of the GU/UK servers will be running the most up-to-date versions of newnet as the mod progresses.

Shiva and myself would both like to see Unreal Tournament thriving for the next decade and beyond and as the heads of our respective communities, we will do our best to make sure that it happens. Together we stand and divided we fall but simply standing can get tedious so we are going to make sure that we keep moving forward.

In the upcoming weeks and months, there will be several small and large announcements regarding ongoing projects and collaborations. A lot of work has gone into getting us where we are now and a lot of work will need to be put in to get us where we want to go. I'll end this post by saying: stay involved and stay tuned.


#uPug is opening its doors..

Dear ladies, gentlemen and gorillas,

I am pleased to announce the official opening of #uPug, the first GlobalUnreal affiliated weapons channel. As many of you know, TimTim has been working away at newnet for the past few months and it is officially ready to be pugged on. The channel will be starting out with several gametypes: the enjoyable yet basic CTF and TDM mixed in with a little froggy style Assault and Domination action. As the channel grows, the offered gametypes will also begin to expand (such as JB and maybe even some new gametypes? ;) ).

CTF: NewNet CTF is now a reality and a large influx of high pingers are to be expected. A maplist will be honed and refined in the upcoming weeks. Sezco will be in charge of running the CTF portion of the channel and there will be lots of differences from what people are used to. Elitism, racism and excessive trolling will not be tolerated. Playing in the channel is a privilege and if people can't play nice, that privilege can easily be revoked. Another quick note is that NewNet is still in it's beta phase for weapons and that any issues that come up can and will be ironed out. Be patient and enjoy the breath of fresh air that this 14 year old game is getting.

TDM: NewNet TDM will be the standard in uPug. tdmpickups will be closing it's doors however the core of the admin staff will help out with running uPug. detox will be in charge of the TDM division and options for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 weapons will be available on all of our servers. There will be maplist discussions in the upcoming weeks and the same expectations that were set out for CTF will also apply to TDM.

Assault/Domination: Forgotten but wonderful gametypes. Playing the same gametype vs the same people can get boring so we're hoping to add a little flavor with Assault and Domination. There is an already existing Assault community and we will be working on bringing back some oldschool players. The maplist will stay short until people start to learn some of the maps and I expect that there will be growing pains as people try to learn how to play.

Expect weekend tourneys for these gametypes that will be streamed by mrgrins on:

NewNet will be used exclusively in iPug/uPug and these brother channels will be their own respective yings and yangs. NewNet and GlobalUnreal are just the beginning and we have a lot planned for the future. The goal for each chan in the next 12-18 months will be to have 500+ idlers and pickup games going off at all hours of the day. LANs, meetups, sponsorship etc. is also on the agenda and we will go as far as we can take it.

That last bit of news that I will throw into this post is that GlobalUnreal will be running a UT WorldCup either next Fall or early next Winter. Details for this grand tournament will leak as the date gets closer but in the meanwhile we will continue to run premiere events. It's time to make this game a game worth playing again.

Stay tuned and fasten your seatbelts,


tl;dr.. iPug/uPug we all pug.

Dear Senioritas and Hombres,

It brings me great pleasure to announce the third installment of Global.iCTF.III! The last season was extremely successful with tyler AKA Mr. Rofl walking away with the championship belt and we are looking to build on that success. There were 10 teams last season and there will hopefully be 16 teams this season (will depend on signups and captains).

What time will the matches be played at?

Development Matches (2/5 starters): 330pm/430 EST - 830pm/930pm BST - 930pm/1030pm CET
Regular Matches (5/5 starters): 6pm/7pm EST - 11pm/12am BST - 12am/1am CET

I've never played one of these.. how do they work?

Players signup for the league and join a free agent pool. They are then ranked and assigned a salary. Team captains will then draft teams based on salary restrictions and finish with a roster of 10 players.

hint: If you would like to play in the season, get active in #iPug and strut your stuff. If you are new or unknown, captains might be weary about picking someone who they haven't seen play or are unsure about their activity/reliability.

When will the season start and how long will it last?

The draft will take place on the 24th and the season will start March 1st. There will be five regular season and five development matches played in March. These 10 games will make up the regular season (1st-31st). 8 of the 16 teams will qualify for the playoffs and eventually a victor will emerge at the end of late April.

Supposing there are 16 teams, the league will be broken down into two conferences and 4 divisions of 4. A team will play each them in their division (3) and 2 teams from another division in the same conference.

There WILL be an allstar game this season and it will take place the weekend after the finals. I have also been considering a skills competition (if enough worthwhile events can be created). Was thinking about a BT map with some of the major tricks from maps on our maplist. Also maybe a boosting competition, race and a few other things if people are interested.. If they aren't, it makes less work and I am totally okay with that.

When will all of the season rules/final season maplist be released?

By this Sunday however I can tell you all that the maplist will remain exactly the same as last season with perhaps some minor tweaks or edits that I will announce/put to poll in the upcoming week. The rules will also remain relatively similar to the past two seasons however there will be a few small changes for the better. Orbital will remain for this season but for the following season, I will be looking into completely revamping the maplist.

Things to look forward to:

-Insane amounts of activity (quadruple and quintuple pugs).
-Updates to - The site looks fantastic now but there will be lots of functionality added between now and Round 1.
-Top competition.
-High quality streams (bigups to mrgrins -
-Frag videos (bigups to DISCONNECT).


Best of luck to all participants (except a select few) and for the love of XAN... DO NOT LET THE PT'S WIN AGAIN!



What day/time will the tournament take place?
Sunday February 17th @ 3:30pm EST. Estimated duration 5.5-6hrs.

How will signups work?
First come, first serve. Signup and guarantee your spot in the tournament. Depending on signups and interest, we could expand them anywhere from 100 to 160.

Seeding/Elimination method?
There will be community feedback mixed with admin discretion to determine the favorites (top 20-30) of the tournament. The favorites will then be distributed equally amongst the initial heats. The elimination method will depend on the number of signups we get but after the first round, the top 5 in each heat will advance.

How will players be re-seeded going into future rounds?
The players that advance will be ordered by frag total and re-seeded based on total frags, not placement in the previous round. Placement solely determines advancement.

What is the maplist?

Official discussion is located here: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=623

Map Notes: Viridian has been removed from KOTR.III. While it played decent in the last tournament, it was a bit congested for 10 players and much better suited to 2v2v2v2 iTDM. Replacing Viridian is a classic: Malevolence. Liandri will also be getting replaced (was in the first 2 KOTR and could return in the future), and the map that replaces it will be decided by YOU! Yes.. YOU. I will be running a poll for the next 2 weeks and the community will get to vote and decide what the 3rd map will be.

Heat Length:
15mins in the first 4 rounds, 20mins for the finals.

We will have 10 servers setup for the event. Pugs will be turned off for the first two rounds and all games will be played on an NY using newnet.

Media Content:
mrgrins will once again be holding down the fort on twitch and DISCONNECT will continue to make magic happen.

KOTR.II Stream:

1000+ views in only a few months on the highlight reel and 350+ on the 6h stream of the event. These numbers are great but it's time to start pushing the boundaries in 2013. Make sure that you participate and submit clips for the KOTR.III highlight reel.

We will be adding iDM as an option in #iPug. Thanks to spydee for coding this into sBOT. The pug will be 1 map and 20 minutes. It will give people an opportunity to practice for the tournament and test out some maps for this and future KOTR. Additionally we will have iDM on the pub for the weeks leading up to KOTR (iCTF primarily) but if people don't have time for a pug, catch a quick game on the pub: Presents: newnet - unreal://

If you have any questions or concerns.. post them here. This should be a nice hype tournament going into S3 of Global.iCTF (draft on the 24th). Support the community by showing up and playing/watching.


GlobalUnreal Upcoming Events

As you all know, the Global.iCTF.II finals just wrapped up in dramatic fashion with tyler toppling ph34r's dream-team and a lot of people are wondering what is in store for the near future? I touched down on it on the stream but have decided to make a thorough post so that everyone knows what is going on.

Christmas break is around the corner and there will be no tournaments or leagues. PACO is taking it easy and sipping on some eggnog. There will however be the triumphant return of Christmas flags and all of the conservative sticklers will surely be irate as devious defenders hide inside of the flag.


Sunday January 6th, 2013 - 1v1 IG Tournament

The layout of this tournament has not yet been finalized but we will try to get the brunt of the games done on Sunday and if we need more time, we'll finish the final matches throughout the week. We can sort brackets by Div.1, Div.2, Div.3 (not sure how much interest there is), or we can just do one giant bracket. A finalized maplist and ruleset will be released around Christmas and bracket-size will be determined in the designated thread for this tournament. If you have ideas/are interested, get the discussion rolling in this thread.

Sunday January 20th & 27th, 2013 - sDOM Tournament

This tournament will last for two weekends with the first weekend being comprised of a round-robin (3-4 games in one day), with the second weekend being playoff and elimination matches. Teams will be drafted and the number of them will depend on how many captains step up and how many players step up. sDOM is a ridiculously fun and dynamic game and it should bring some new players into #iPug and onto GlobalUnreal. It's hitscan, combined with pups, teamwork and momentum swings. KHMZ is currently editing maps for this tournament and they will be beta'd and tested over the Christmas break. Expect an official maplist and rules page around the New Year.

Sunday February 3rd, 2013 - MultiCTF MADNESS!!

This will be a one day event where players can form their own teams and join into the festivities. This event will combine fragging with politicking and I can guarantee that HEARTS.WILL.BE.BROKEN. I'm hoping for 32 teams (max 4 per team) and teams of all skill levels. If you're a top dawg, there will be a crosshair on your back. There will be 6 maps on the maplist and each team playing will get to eliminate one (two maps played). If a team wins a map, they qualify for the next round. If a team wins BOTH maps, they get to decide which of the other three teams advance. This will probably be the dirtiest tournament in the history of UT and that makes me want to run it even more. Out of all of the tournaments listed so far, this one is the most likely to be cancelled or fail to meet it's quota (32 teams), but we'll try anyways.

Sunday February 10th, 2013 - KING OF THE RING.III!

The bar was set pretty high during the last tournament but I'm hoping to set it even higher this time with 160 players (160-80-40-20-10-1). There will be more servers set and after gaining experience from running the last one, it should run a lot smoother (still a 5-6hr time investment). There might be slight tweaks in the rules and the maplist but those will be formally discussed once signups are officially opened up for this tournament. If you guys keep showing up, we will keep pushing the envelope. There is a pretty sweet frag video from the last one and hopefully we will be able to top it with some incredible clips. This will be a hype tournament for the Global.iCTF.III draft happening the following week.

Sunday February 17th, 2013 - Global.iCTF.III!

Signups for the 3rd installment of Global.iCTF.III will begin in the middle of January and stay open for roughly one month. Lots of the rules will stay exactly the same but there might be some slight shuffles in the maplist (gary has a friend editing maps that we'll be testing out in pugs). I know that a lot of people want signups opened again RIGHT AWAY but for me personally, I want a few weeks off of not worrying about the league. A few tournaments should be a nice change of pace for a month and a half and I think that 1-2 months of downtime is healthy for the longevity of the league. I'm hoping to field anywhere from 12-16 teams (depending on the number of signups), but once again I'll be faced with the problem of finding enough responsible captains to step up and contribute for the league. If you're interested or know someone who you think would be a strong candidate, throw them under the bus in this thread. Match times will stay the same and dev matches will once again be 2/5 players (worked out great this season). Spread the word and get the hype train going because I can already say that S3 will be OFF THE HOOK.

May 2013 - Unreal Tournament World Cup

We will be looking to run a newnet Unreal Tournament World Cup in the late Spring. At the moment, there are a lot of countries with incomplete teams but I'm hoping the next 4-5 months will bring back a lot of old players and fill the gaps for some of the European teams. This will not be just a run-of-the-mill nations cup, there are BIG THINGS PLANNED. I know that a lot of people might be concerned about "ping advantages" but everything will be addressed in the upcoming months. Rules on how teams can be formed, how many teams a country can send, etc. will be formalized and finalized roughly two months before the start of this event. I plan on making it an annual event and I'm hoping for it to start within a week or two after Global.iCTF.III.

Summer 2013

I'm going on vacation and taking a break from running leagues/tournaments. If anyone is interested in running something during this timeframe, they are free to do so but I won't be doing anything again until the Fall.


And there you have it, the upcoming agenda for the next half year. The Sunday tournaments will all be starting around roughly 3:30pm EST (this is to accommodate the highest amount of people and since the tournaments should run on for quite a few hours). If people are wondering about the iDOM tournament, I scrapped it in favor of MCTF. Clanbase is running an iDOM cup during the same timeframe and it seems like a bit of overkill to have two tournaments of the same gametype running at once (especially since it would rely on Euro signups). If people start showing interest in iDOM in #iPug, it could surface as a tournament in the future. There have also been weapons inquiries about running 1v1 tournaments (could happen on Jan 13th?) and other types of leagues and I'm not averse to it if there are responsible people to run them. I'm just not interested in anything that will bring baggage and dysfunction to GlobalUnreal.

Additional things to expect:

*he|tah music video.
*changes to the site.
*expanding competition.
*expanding pub network.
*the unexpected.

I'll finish this post off with a sincere thanks to TimTim. The last season brought people together from all over the world and the community is becoming more and more diverse every day as a result of the hard work that he put into newnet. The level of competition is off the charts and the ceiling for this game is nowhere to be found. Tim shares a vision with me on where this game can go and we will be making our best efforts to put this game back onto the map (2013 will be a big year for UT99). There will be marketing campaigns, mailers, and new videos in the New Year. Help us through word-of-mouth and in the meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the GlobalUnreal experience.

Humbly your Dictator,

#iPug - The Channel That Never Sleeps..

On December 2nd from 12:01am-11:59pm EST, there were 80 maps played and the channel had a pug going for roughly 40 straight hours starting early Saturday Morning.


Image Pickup hours are changing

15-20 pickups a day on weekdays and 30+ a day on the weekend. Pickups can start as early as 10am EST on weekdays and can happen at ANY hour on the weekend. I know in the past that sometimes I wouldn't even bother checking my PC/IRC because I knew pickups would be dead but people are going to have to re-wire their expectations. The Westies will keep the games running late and the Euros will be starting them early.

Image How to connect to multiple IRC networks

FALLACY made a lovely thread detailing how to automatically connect to two networks. Pass this information on: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=372

Image More than iCTF to be played

iCTF will remain the most popular gametype in iPug however some of the other gametypes will start to get more burn. iTDM 2v2v2v2 gets 5-6 pickups a day, however DOMINATION has been silent. Upcoming (January) iDOM and sDOM tournaments should increase the number of pickups played. If you know anyone who enjoys iDOM or sDOM, send them to iPug. I'll gauge interest from the official tournament topics but if I see a lot of people playing DOM pickups, I'll be encouraged to throw even larger tournaments. KOTR.III should be near the end of February (after the DOM leagues), and we'll be looking for 160 participants.

Image Word-of-Mouth

A lot of people are under the impression that Unreal Tournament is dead. We get more pickups now and have stronger competition than in the past half decade. I have ideas on how to market this game on grand scales but in the meanwhile, one of the biggest assets for this community will be letting friends/people they have contact with know that the game is still bumping. #iPug, Spread the word and activity will continue to snowball. 30 pickups a day on weekends is cool but why not keep pushing the limits and shoot for 100+. The beauty of UT is that the sky is the limit.

And on a final note, there have been rumblings about playing with "ping". Most Euros/South Americans are more than fine with it but just to shed any illusions to newcomers, I will be pugging with 100 ping for the next few weeks.


I want to share your pain, your plight and most importantly your ping.

KING OF THE RING #2 Highlights

Special thanks to DISCONNECT for putting this together. The admins for helping run the tournament and the 100+ participants who made all of this possible. KOTR.III is around the corner (February). If activity continues to increase, the bracket could expand anywhere from 160-200 participants for this one day event.

Global.iCTF.II will also be having a highlight reel. If you do anything impressive, mark it down in your demos and have it ready at the end of the season.
Global.iCTF II Scouting Report (by ph34r)

Ladies and gentlemen of the esteemed Global Unreal community, the second season of capture the flag is upon us. With arguably the strongest captain list in the history of instagib drafting leagues, there is no room for error come draft night, October 21st. Despite lacking some star players such as sorn, JYB, krazyaim, and Morpheus*, the free agency list is surprisingly stacked with talent from around the globe. The arrival of timmy boy's miraculous UTProMod has successfully put the eastern and western hemispheres of UT on a level playing field ; the competition has never been more fierce.

Over the past couple of weeks I have diligently studied recent pug statistics and spectated dozens of pugs first hand. Factoring in pug performances, competitive playoff history in MLIG, GU, and CB, reliability, and CTF clutch factor, I have compiled a ranking of the best 34 players currently signed up for GU.ICTF II. The following list is 100% accurate and completely indisputable. Fuck the GU rankings. This list was compiled October 16th, any signups after this date have not been included. The number in parentheses after each player's name is their rank compared to Global Unreal salaries.


rain (+2)

Notorious draft-league dominator, titles in both MLIG and GU as a captain. Gold Trophies in both instagib and sniper premiere leagues on Clanbase. Last season's top salary player. Reigning and defending Global Unreal champion. Very few players can match the impressive resume of the number one player in the league, rain. An absolute brick wall defender and anchor for many championship teams already, rain is simply looking to add to his trophy rack. I have heard that he only signed up as captain this season to specifically make sure that I don't win it. If that's true, all i can say is I'm sure you'll make a valiant effort ;] (ooo jab).

rain's consistent fragging combined with his superior defensive positioning see him excel particularly on high-fragging, control dependent maps such as Duku and Spirit. Like many instagib players rain loves to play offense, which he is no doubt capable of playing at a very high level. However, his defensive prowess and impeccable comms make it almost wasteful to put him anywhere except locking down the base. As average accuracy and overall gameplay continues to improve over the years, rain is still brickwalling elite attackers consistently. Strongest Positions: Duku Low D ; Spirit Flag D



uenz (+3)

Coming in just behind rain is the #1 overall free agent in the draft, uenz. For some of the North and South American players who are unfamiliar with uenz, this ranking may come as a surprise. However, those that have played against him on clanbase over the years know that he has been a sleeping giant in the GU scene for some time. UTProMod (newnet) has caught the attention of some of Europe's very best and uenz is a perfect example of this. uenz's increased activity has led to recent impressive pug showings vs top salary players and an outstanding showing in KOTR II. The recent influx of powerhouse fraggers from Germany and Portugal to the GU free agency has changed the complexity of this draft considerably, and uenz is amongst the best of these up and coming allstars.

If versatility is what you're looking for in the draft, look no further than uenz. He is capable of being both a powerful fragging attacker or an anchor defender. To evoke the full potential of uenz's attacking ability, he should be matched with a high volume grabber to highlight his covering talent. uenz is capable of being a primary grabber but his low # of shots per map and high accuracy make him ideal in defending and covering roles. Strongest Positions: Command Cover O ; Duku Low D



vitz (-2)

Coming in at #3 and representing Portugal's finest is the fragging phenom, vitz. Fresh off an absolutely dominant performance in KOTR, vitz is looking to maintain momentum heading into a highly competitive season 2. He will look to be picked by a captain who isn't a moron and will actually draft defense later (cough). This will enable vitz to comfortably spread his offensive wings and establish his dominance on the other side of the map. His recent performance in KOTR has vaulted him to #1 in GU rankings (inaccurately so), which he has vocally opposed. However, coming in at #3 he is clearly still amongst the elite of the elite.

vitz is an utterly violent attacker capable of using his fragpower to bulldoze defenders while making a high volume of grabs. Match him with aggressive running partners and watch him fully display his attacking arsenal with covers on top of relentless offensive pressure. Unlike most other fragging powerhouses of the league, vitz is a slightly lower accuracy, high volume shooter with impeccable twitch aim. This makes him even more dangerously suited for attacking, and will wreak havoc on many defenses this season. Strongest Positions: Spirit O ; Duku O



Serenity (--)

Serenity slits his wrists on the way to the #4 spot representing the United Kingdom. It's hard to talk about rain's numerous achievements without also mentioning Serenity and vice versa. Champion duo on clanbase with [SiN] in instagib and SsK| in sniper, and even winning the inaugural GU.iCTF season together. They are indeed gay for each other. With the odds of them being seperated this season all but certain, a new rivalry is about to begin. The Kobe and Shaq debate of the instagib community has begun. Who really carried those teams to victory? Only one of these champions can be victorious at the end of the season. Who will it be? Will either of them achieve ultimate victory without each other? Time will tell. Although Serenity can sometimes be a handful for captains he doesn't agree with, there is no denying his championship X factor.

Serenity is most known for his unstoppable offense which he demonstrated many times on his way to GU gold last season. He is a capable defender but is vocally against it, and as emo as this kid is it's probably best to give him what he wants (<3). He is known for laming the shit out of pugs but when it comes down to match time, Serenity is all business. When he decides he wants to he can put up a plethora of grabs but similarly to uenz, if you match him with a high volume grabber he really shines. Strongest Positions: Duku Cover O ; Command O



Cy (-3)

Breaking into the top 5 and representing the red, white, and blue is long-time veteran, Cy. Dating all the way back to his reign in 2002-2004 as the undisputed best player and up to today, Cy has and always will be a force to be reckoned with in the instagib community. Most famous in draft leagues for carrying Team Irwin to MLIG III finals as an anchor defender, ultimately falling to Team Pressure in 5 maps in what was one of the most epic and nail-biting finals in draft-league history.

Cy is an incredibly versatile player in capture the flag. Running flags, anchoring defense, laying down cover, sealing the base. Cy can do it all and is often seen doing it all in one map. There literally isn't a single position on any map I wouldn't trust Cy to do and do at a high level. Cy's skill and experience combined with a deep desire to win makes him a highly coveted free agent, and the top-rated American in the league. Strongest Positions: BL O ; Scandi O



InfamousRaider (--)

Another versatile American player, InfamousRaider is like a mirror image of Cy with less experience in big matches and better comms. IR is really the epitome of what you look for in a team player. Versatile, capable of filling in any position you need him to. Positive attitude on TS and not egotistical, will play for any captain that picks him. Reliable player who is calm and level-headed but takes winning seriously. Considering how dangerous a CTF player InfamousRaider is, calling him "safe" seems strange. But when it comes to safe picks, InfamousRaider is the definition of that. Activity and reliability has always been a huge factor when drafting a team, but now with development matches being worth more points there are effectively twice as many important matches per season. This makes a player such as InfamousRaider an even hotter commodity than usual.

On the CTF battlefield you will rarely if ever see InfamousRaider playing for frags, yet you will often see him at the top of the scoreboard in kills anyway. IR's voice comms are second to none and he is capable of both leading a team vocally in-game and executing gameplans of his captain without faltering. He excels in maps that focus more on teamwork than fragging or individual skill. Strongest Positions: Sprinta D ; Grudge D



unrealshots (--)

Advanced drafting algorithms have the pure defender, unrealshots, calculated as the 7th best player in the league. His high fire-rate and exceptional defensive positioning make him a handful for any attacker to deal with. Did I mention he's one of the best fraggers in the league? Last season PBR had an impressive rate of success with unrealshots anchoring their defense. Having one of the strongest seasons of anyone in the league, he has earned his spot at #7 and is surely on several captains' radars.

Having a reliable and consistent anchor defender is an absolute must in winning a championship. Expect unrealshots to go very fast in the draft as he fills this role to the T. Putting unrealshots anywhere but defense would be a shame as he is truly great there. He excels on maps where he can keep the enemy's offense in front of him. If he has you locked in his sights, you are already in trouble. Strongest Positions: Acrony Right D ; Klondike D



Dewsick (+1)

The other half of the Ambiguously Gay Duo comes in at #8. Dewshit would like to tell you he's good at every position but in reality he's a much stronger defender than anything else. Once known for his pro div3 caliber performances with DmK and epic 20 eff displays on Grendel Keep with 50% packetloss, Dewsick has come a long way. He got a proper connection and undetectable cheats from Sean and he's been on his way to the top ever since.

Dewwie boy's reliability was in question last season but he is lookin to wreck bitches this season. Very promising for anyone looking to pick up a very solid defender with elite frag power. A top 5 finish in the recent KOTR tournament perfectly exemplifies his fragging prowess. He's just as picky/emo as his UK counterpart though so make sure to contact him personally before picking him and see what's what. Strongest Positions: BL D ; Grudge D



PACO (+6)

The head admin of the league has unsurprisingly underrated himself 6 slots. In order to keep me quiet on this blatant blasphemy, PACO has agreed to 1v1 me for the rights to pick first in the draft on Saturday. Results of this game could have a very serious impact on the draft, and once this pussy ass bitch sets a time it's on like genghis khan(as of this writing he is now ducking me). Once considered nothing more than a mediocre player at best, banished to the world of bunny tracks, PACO the brave warrior has riced from the ashes like a fenix. When desperate and destitute and willing to do whatever it takes to become relevant in the instagib scene, PACO did what any logical human being would do: he got a mouse with more than 1 button. Yessir, he traded in the ole mac for a state of the art windows personal computer and became good. (seems fishy, cheats?) PACO is the man responsible for more than just maintaining excitement and legitimacy in the instagib community, he has helped it thrive into something arguably more prosperous than it ever has been. And the nickelbacka can play a game of UT to boot. He will be looking to focus his chi for this draft and actually remember to draft some defense to go the whole way this time.

No need to worry about drafting PACO as he is a captain and one of the biggest threats to take this baby down. He is one of the most underrated attackers in the league and will be looking (er, should at least?) for an anchor defender first round so he can comfortably work his attacking game this season. If he can draft a team that can keep the flag at home for him, he doesn't even need help getting flags out. As stacked as this draft is though he will no doubt be able to find some fierce attackers to go by his side and make a run for the GU title. Strongest Positions:Duku O ; CG Statues wait what?




The captain of the Pabst Blue Ribbon's last season, FALLACY, rounds off a stacked top 10 in this scouting report. To my knowledge last season was the first season FALLACY has captained, in which case he should get a coach of the year award or something for drafting and leading the most fearsome team in the league. Despite falling short in the playoffs last season, FALLACY should be brimming with confidence entering this draft after such a successful one last time out. It will be interesting to see if he can replicate or even improve this season and make a run for the title. Without a doubt many opposing captains' eyes will be on FALLACY while he is picking.

While he is a rather well-rounded player, he will likely run O for his team this season. Because of this I'm predicting he will be drafting a strong defender like Pete or kyle so he can run O freely. Strongest Positions: Command O ; Scandi O



spydee (--)

Representing the 11th best player in this scouting report is spydee. The 3rd captain in a row on this list, spydee will be looking to take his team all the way this season. He is a well-rounded player who will likely be seen playing both offense and defense as the season progresses. His low, smooth, Barry White voice will keep his team calm and composed during league play which will be crucial. His voice comms are some of the best in the game and will be a big part to his teams' success regardless of how his draft goes.

One of the most active members of the community today, spydee likely has a lock on the free agency list and will put together a formidable squad as always. spydee excels on slower, open maps that require teamwork and comms to win. His frag power while inconsistent can be up there with some of the best frag whores in the game when he finds his rhythm. Look for him to draft an equally versatile player in the draft, making predicting his teams' positioning each map very difficult. Strongest Positions: Bleak Flag D ; Orbital D



noobX (--)

The second [B$C] player to grace this list, noobX has made his presence known with a stunning runner-up performance in KOTR. Any hopes of going under the radar in the draft this season were quickly ended that fateful Sunday.All eyes are on noobX as a possibly huge steal given this is his very first draft league ever and his monster KOTR performance. He will be looking to cement his name amongst the elite in CTF this season.

noobX is capable of playing either offense or defense equally well. He's rather picky about map selection but can be a dangerous asset to any team. He excels on fast-paced, frenzied mid-battle maps such as Command and Sprinta. Expect all eyes to be on noobX's performances regardless of what team he lands on. Strongest Positions: Command O ; Sprinta D



Pete (-5)

My boy Petey Pablo makes the list at lucky number thirteen. One of the only true defenders in the top 15, Pete has established himself as one of the best high-fragging, high-acc defenders in the game today. On his off games he is going to smash you with 40 acc, and when he's on fire you can just forget about it.

Pete owns a specific style unique to the game, and if you can find the perfect combination of players to put around him you can create a devastating team. Pete is like a slow-firing turret of death. You need to team him up with aggressive, high-fire rate, in-your-face defenders to draw attention away from your turret of death. Most team captains don't know how to properly use Pete to his full capabilities, but if fallen into the right hands can become a true nightmare to enemy teams. Strongest Positions: Scandi D ; EC2 D



Bear (+3)

Bear has long been an underrated player in the instagib community. Although he is capable of it, he is not typically known to be the frag heavy type of player. He'd rather drop 30 grabs on your ass or play efficient defense for his team ; a true CTF player. As a player he is an extremely valuable draft commodity, as a captain he ended [Adi]'s run for a historic 4th straight title and cemented himself as a true champion.

Last season saw Bear draft another potentially epic team with Himself, bbz, fish, grin, nanm, and tony all in the lineup.Unfortunate circumstances would lead to Bear losing internet and the team falling apart just as quickly as it begun. Now he's back and ready to redeem himself, and now with less commitments. Bear works best with bros who don't take the game too seriously and hopefully have an IQ above HU. If you fulfill these requirements, consider drafting Bear. Or don't. Whatever. Idiot. Strongest Positions: Acrony D ; Klondike O



kylewins (-2)

As old school as they come, kylewins has been winning titles in the instagib scene since 2004 with ConQuest and a top player in the American sniper scene before that. Predominantly known for his 1on1 expertise back in the day, kyle has established himself as one of the best American instagib players today. Recent results include a championship as captain in MLIGZP X, the last recorded instagib league on ProUnreal.

kylewins is a defender at heart. If you are a captain capable of fueling his desire to show for you and win, then you have a deadly player in your hands. He is truly dominant on the old school maps such as Orbital, Scandinavium, and Diamond Sword. Match him with a smart and efficient defender and you have one sexy base for your team. Strongest Positions: Scandi D ; DS High D



rummy (+4)

The brown man himself. THE most relentless attacker in the game. The man will average 30 suicides trying to get at your god damn flag. And it isn't EC2. Not known for his fragging because he's too busy attacking bases, but a finals appearance in KOTR shows he can lay it down if he has to (Even though it was a fluke because Paco's dumb ass has no idea how to set heats and put 4 of the 5 best fraggers in KOTR in the same semifinals heat, MORAN. ANYWAY.) Everyone knows this guy is mah e-boyfriend so I will try to keep this just about ig and not his penis. Which is small. and bulbous. and hairy. and small.

I suppose Rummy could play D if he really had to but lets be real, the dude is an attacker. Putting him on D would be like painting your toilet with taco bell enchurritos and calling it the shitstine chapel. It would be dumb. and gross. Rumsfeld is a natural born attacker and a seriously good one at that. Everyone knows this guy has 400 finals a day in December though which is playoffs time so good luck getting him to show unless you're me. Strongest Positions: EC2 O ; BL O



flowX (+4)

Completeing the trio of [B$C] fragging powerhouses, flowX comes in at #17. I personally loathe this guy due to his incessant whining, but there is no denying his skill in game. He is an in-game leader and will play whatever position is necessary for his team to win. He has extensive clanbase experience in both instagib and sniper with a history of consistently impressive performances in both. He fell 2 frags short behind spydee to qualify for the finals of KOTR.

Like many of the best instagib players, flowX comes from a sniper background. He is especially lethal on sniper maps and should not be underestimated. If you're looking for a versatile player with elite frag power, look no further folks. Strongest Positions: BL D ; Command O



Sauron (+5)

When ole Angus isn't accusing me of ghosting in playoff matches or ruining the integrity of ProUnreal, he is actually a pretty damn good UT player. Multi-time champion and undervalued attacker, probably due to the fact that you can't get over how gay he is( not that there's anything wrong with that). What you get in a pick like Angus is a player dedicated to showing up and winning. SRS.BSNSS. Which is exactly what a captain should be looking for in a player.

When it comes to CTF, Sauron has good voice communication and is an unselfish offensive player. He may not wow you with his frags but if that's what you're looking for in a CTF draft then you have bigger issues. He excels on fast-paced teamwork oriented maps such as BL,Scandi, Grudge, and EC2. Match him with other attackers who talk a lot on TS to maximize his potential as an exceptional teammate. Strongest Positions: Scandi O ; Grudge O



kud (-3)

The next player on the list asked me not to post this, but god dammit, I'm going to post it anyway. BECAUSE I WROTE IT. AND IT'S THE TRUTH. I FUCKING LOVE THIS PLAYER. HE IS THE BEST PLAYER, EVER. PERIOD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.... KUD .

The Master Exploder graces this list at #19. Kud is best known for his attacking ability on old school maps such as coret and rainbase, long gone from the map list. NO WORRIES MY FRIEND, kud simply blows the mindholes of enemy defenders on other maps instead. Kud won the very first MLIG but has not been able to seal the deal since. He is most famous in draft leagues for his legendary match against The Answer in MLIG II Playoffs (Spoiler Alert: They got f'd in the a). Once the top ranked player himself, kud is captaining up and is just another addition to the stacked captain list this season. He will more than likely be looking to draft defense first round to free up his drafting options later. Strongest Positions: Klondike O ; Command O



kykas (-1)

When he's not getting logged by ASH for cheat keybinds, or chattin' it up with his numerous other Portuguese clanmates and buddies that have been logged, kykas can be seen playing competitive UT instagib. New to the Global Unreal scene, he is sure to fit right in.

Known principally for his running power, kykas is capable of being the primary attacker for any team this season. He is known for putting up a high volume of grabs and is a very tricky flag runner to boot. He excels on maps where spawns are predominantly centered off of the flag stand, thus enabling him to create distance from opposing defenders and create plays. Strongest Positions: Sprinta O ; Command O



HuMPtY (-3)

DuMptY-DiZzlE CoMeS iN @ #21 iN dA $koUt1N r3PoRt LoL! d1$ n1GgA bE REPRIZENTIN AlL the pR0 ChAvZ iN da h00D. BesT kNowN 4 g4nKin d3M n!gZ oN 0FFeNsE bUt BrOtHaMaN g0T n0 qUalMs loCkin doWn ThE MOTHA FUCKIN bLoCk, sHiT dOnt ev3N MATTA pLaya GET MONEY.

b!G a$$ GaNg WaR oV3r suM priMe TurF miGhT ari$e s00N, s0 h1s rEliAbiLiTy MiGhT bE sHaKy 4 a C0upLe weeKs. OtHeR thaN tHaT tH1s n1gGa i$ sTraIgHt DOWN g. LoYaL to tHa muTha fuCKiN END pLaYa. fiErCeSt m0veS: Sp1RiT sTorE roBBeRy ; dUkU DriVe-bY



phanity (+2)

Two-time defending faggot, phanity graces the list at #22. Notoriously known for fucking teams over with his unreliability and inconsistency, phanity was actually a bit of a savior for team muscular dystrophy last season. Perhaps it is a sign that he is turning over a new leaf and will start being the dangerous champion he is capable of being. Perhaps not. Perhaps fuck yourself. My theory on captains is they're like mushrooms - feed em' shit and keep em' in the dark.

phanity is without a doubt an attacker, one who use to put up more impressive numbers before he started caring more about frags than winning (similar to Chris but not nearly as severe). If you're looking for an O player who can slow down the other team's offense and still keep some O pressure himself, then this is the man you're looking for. Maybe after calling him out in this post he will show me his old self this season and put up some impressive CTF numbers. If that's the case then phanity is capable of being one of the biggest steals of the season. Strongest Positions: GK O ; Bleak O



AnNiHiL4ToR (+4)

Little Orphan AnNi makes the cut at #23. AnNiHiL4ToR has been an active participant in draft leagues for a while now and consistently takes his teams deep into the playoffs . An active and reliable draftee, he will likely be scooped up as a team's 2nd major pick in the draft. AnNiHiL4ToR is a player who always keeps his composure in intense games (which are certain to happen this season) and will be a valuable asset to whichever team is able to land him.

AnNiHiL4ToR is well known as a defender in iCTF. His positioning is excellent with above average comms, 2 very important characteristics to look for in a defender. In a league where reliability is absolutely crucial, AnNiHiL4ToR is both active and a solid CTF player. If he could manage to keep his fragging consistency up, he could easily find himself higher in this list. Strongest Positions: EC2 Front D ; GK Flag D



Riven (-2)

To be perfectly honest, I know very little about Riven. In the few pugs he has played he has been impressive, both in running flags and defending. His fragging power was put on full display recently in KOTR, winning many heats and placing 6th overall. Small sample or not, results are results and cannot be ignored. The guy can play at a high level. Exactly how high of a CTF level has yet to be determined, but he is definitely one of the hottest prospects in the league.

Curious eyes will be on Riven this season coming off of such an impressive showing in KOTR. Will he meet the hype and become a perennial CTF powerhouse in Global Unreal? From a drafting perspective, from what he has shown thus far he is certainly worth the risk to find out. Don't be surprised to see Riven taken earlier than expected if a captain has inside info on this guy's CTF ability. Strongest Positions: ???



Feisar (+6)

Founder and Leader of clan [SiN], Feisar was arguably the most underrated player last season. Evidently none of the captains other than rain caught the results of the hundreds of matches Feisar has played in with [SiN] as he went very late in the draft in comparison to his skill level. Being a starter in the championship team last season, I suspect he will be snagged up much earlier in the draft this season.

Feisar is an efficient attacker which he showed by effectively dismantling teams last season with SunnY. One of the smartest players in the game, he will capitalize on the smallest mistakes and always seems to be at the right place at the right time. Feisar is capable of high killstring, explosive plays which are crucial on some maps. It is likely that rain is eyeballing him for another run at the title, but it's anyones guess whose team he will actually land on. Strongest Positions: Sprinta O ; Command O



Steel (+3)

In Steel's long and storied instagib career, he has accomplished more in CTF than most players ever dream to. Highlights include his role in team ConQuest's dominance over OGL during the prime of ladder competition, and as anchor defender for team [Adi] in UDL-IG, voted by the community as the greatest draft league team ever assembled. He also raped the ever living shit out of TGP on Orbital in MLIG IV playoffs which I still have nightmares about.

In the early stages of his instagib career, Steel was known as a brick wall defender specifically on long-range maps. In 2012, Steel is now most known as an attacker, and an incredibly underrated one at that. While most n00bs these days are worried about their acc and their frag count, Steel is busy running laps with your flag and flying under the radar. Notoriously known for not using a microphone for the past several years, hopefully he either buys one or pulls it out of his ass for matches. If he does he can be a huge steal come draft time for any captain looking for an attacker that specializes in offensive pressure.
Strongest Positions: Scandi O ; DS O



NecroNinja (-1)

For a long time, NecroNinja was an incredibly underrated player in instagib draft leagues. Known at the time as a defender from the nwctf scene, who knew that NecroNinja would be such an effective attacker in instagib? Now that the secret's out, NN will be content with covering the shit out of whatever flag runners his captain teams him with.

NN will obviously crush your face on weapons maps like Bleak and Orbital, but he is more than capable of holding his own on the Euro and frag-heavy maps of the league. Historically NN is not that active of a pugger in instagib, but he has been a very reliable teammate in draft leagues and is already a proven champion. Look for him to go 'surprisingly' early in the draft. Strongest Positions: Sprinta Cover O ; Bleak Cover O



blackout\\ (+12)

Blackout comes in staggeringly underrated at #28. A notoriously unreliable draft pick, Blackout is traditionally a "wildcard" pick late in drafts. Well known for his brick wall x22 defense, he has been playing a lot of offense lately in pugs which could possibly be why his salary is so low since he sucks dick at it.

If you can manage to tame this wild draft pick, Blackout is almost always a steal in the draft. Keep his offensive dreams crushed and you have yourself a very valuable asset to your team. Sometimes inconsistent but always a baller, Blackout could be the X factor your team needs to push it to a championship contender. Or he could be a pick that leads to your untimely demise. Pick with discretion. Strongest Positions: DS Roof D ; EC2 Back D



aNty (+4)

Breaking the top 30 in the league is the French-Canadian, aNty. aNty showed up one day as a 2k4 nublet and never left. Today, he is one of the most undervalued players in the league. Like blackout, he thinks he is a pro attacker but is much better suited as a defender. As a defender, aNty frequently outperforms players ranked higher than him and yet still flys under the radar in draft leagues. Perhaps it is that French Canadian accent that smells of thrickery and deceit. Captains that put their faith in aNty are rarely let down.

Defensively speaking, aNty plays a very aggressive, in-your-face style. Due to this his efficiency usually isn't terribly high, but the effectiveness of his defense can't be denied.Stats rarely tell the whole story, and in aNty's case it is perfectly demonstrated. In a statistics-crazed era of the ig community, this could easily explain why aNty continually flies under the radar. Match him with a player like Pete and his style is perfectly accentuated to lock down the base. Strongest Positions: Duku Low D ; GK Flag D



Carras (-2)

When I think of the best old school instagib teams, one of the first to come to mind is [TAL]. My buddy Darkside[TAL] here has been around since the dark ages of UT, and that's probably why he is such a worthless chasing piece of shit now. Seriously though, when this guy wants to take a game of CTF seriously he is capable of things most people aren't aware of. Keep this guy motivated on your team and off the asses of his enemy attackers, and he can put up impressive CTF numbers.

Just in case you aren't aware, this guy is seriously bad at defense. Just don't put him there, not even joking right now. Just because he should strictly be used as an attacker doesn't mean he isn't a great draft pick. Any captain looking to enhance their offensive attack power should seriously consider Carras as an option. Strongest Positions: Scandi O ; DS O



heat (+12)

In a draft full of big steals, heat is possibly the biggest steal of them all. Once last pick in pugs, over the years heat has turned into a true CTF threat. One of the most underrated attackers in the league right now, heat's cover and be-there-when-you-need-him ability is second to none.

Like Carras, heat should be used strictly in an offensive manner. It's worth noting that the reason heat shouldn't be put on defense isn't his ability to hold down the base when he defends, but you simply can't trust him. That same be-there-when-you-need-him mentality that he has negatively impacts his defending capabilities as he is found CONSTANTLY out of position, even making flag runs of his own regularly while he's supposed to be defending the flag. Put him on offense to exploit the positive aspects of his attacking/freelancing style and you have a very dangerous player at your disposal. Strongest Positions: EC2 O ; Klondike O



insanity (+3)

Despite being in the top 25% of players in the draft, insanity will be blessed with the #4 draft pick this season due to a stacked captain list. He will surely be looking to capitalize on this good fortune and quickly pick up one of the biggest talents in the game. Combine this fact with the underrated attacking power of Tyler, and you already have a combination not to be underestimated. Tyler will likely be looking for a top defender first round so that he will be able to run offense freely this season.

Although he told me he plans to defend this season, I think he's trollin' me because he's a much better attacker than defender and he knows it. He's a smart broseph and will likely draft a solid attacking ensemble around himself as well. Even though PACO has a pretty good grasp on tyler's skill level I believe he is still slightly underrated and will continue to surprise people. If he picks white[choc] this team is guaranteed to have a cool name. Strongest Positions:Grudge O ; DS O



Sonic (+3)

My brother from another mother, Sonic|^ makes the list at #33. An extremely aggressive attacker hell bent at getting to your flag, Sonic is capable of surprising performances despite rarely playing instagib. This guy has been my bro since mFw days so if you plan on drafting him you can go ahead and fuck right off. He's mine. He ain't gonna play for your pathetic ass. Yea you, don't even try it. His deliciously suave voice is all mine.

Don't even think about putting this guy on D, it would be wasteful. Sonic's best maps are maps he can use his creativity to confuse and juke defenders ; ie Grudge, BL, Scandi, etc . If his aim were more consistent and he played more instagib he would be considered one of the top runners in the league. As it is now he is simply black hulk with overgrown shoulders. Strongest Positions: Scandi O ; Orbital O



SunnY (+4)

Completing this scouting report is the Aruban sensation, SunnY. Always known for his relentless attacking style and smart decision-making, SunnY took his game to another level last season and led the attack of champion team Shockwave. Now that he is limited to playing on a welfare laptop, his skill level has considerably declined, averaging ~ 25 acc in recent pugs. What can't be ignored as a possible ploy to get re-drafted by rain, I believe this is legitimately SunnY's limited skill level from Aruba and the god awful laptop he is using.

What you can't take away from SunnY regardless of what computer he is using is his ruthless attacking ability. While he may go later in the draft than usual, he will no doubt find a home as a 4th or 5th starter on a team at the least due to his effective flag running and CTF intuition alone. Even with how SunnY has been playing I feel he is slightly undervalued in the GU rankings. Just because his fragging ability isn't what it was, he is still capable of that high volume high pressure offense he is known for, and will be an asset to any team who drafts him. Strongest Positions: EC2 O ; BL O



Players who just missed the cut:


Players who missed the cut via being lazy cunts and signing up too late:



That's it, folks. If you disagree with anything in this scouting report you're wrong, get over it. THE TRUTH HAS BEEN SPOKEN.

Very very very super special thanks to super sexy Chica for the exceptionally awesome graphics in this writeup. <3 <3 <3
Global.iCTF II SIGNUPS OPEN! (October 21st draft)

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I am proud to announce the second installment of Global.iCTF. I will give a run down on all of the pertinent information and there will be topics created to discuss matters that were not included in this post.

When do signups open?

What day will the draft be on?
Sunday October 21st @ 7pm EST. The season will wrap up well before Christmas.

How many teams will there be?
That will be contingent on the number of quality captain signups. I will go as low as 8 and as high as 12, but once again, that depends on how many people step up.

What day/time will matches be on?
Sundays @ 6/7/8pm EST - 11/12/1 BST - 12-1-2 CET.

Will the new netcode be used?

That should cover the most important stuff. The first season had it's ups and downs however I can assure you all that I learned from them. Lots of the areas that I think need improvement/discussion will be brought up throughout the week. It was my first experience running a league and even though it was a success, it fell a bit short on my expectations. The bar has been set at an acceptable level but I won't be satisfied until it hits exceptional.

One of the blips with last season was the website. Since the finals, there has been a lot of renovation on the front and back end of GlobalUnreal. A lot of the pages are of the same caliber as the KOTR one (thanks HULKSMASH :lol: ) and the fancy display/information will be retroactively inserted into S1. Additionally, expect results to be upated right away. There will be a lot of new features (like match reports) introduced to the season, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

I will be recapping/producing content for the season.

mrgrins will be on the mic, accompanied by my Blue Yeti when I'm not actually playing.

Video Content:
Depending on the amount of people who submit timestamped demos, there will be a lot more content available for this season. The goal will be to drop at least one video every week. Maybe next time?

SIGNUP FOR GLOBAL.iCTF.II (Oct.21, 2012 draft): (hit open in the top right corner, will make a separate form this week).
Hello everyone,

KING OF THE RING II has come and passed. The initial goal was for a 100+ person tournament to run in one day and that goal was met last Sunday. Going into the tourney I told detox it was like climbing Mt. Everest without an oxygen tank. Lots of people asking to join, asking to be removed and overall keeping in touch with 100+ people was nothing short of chaotic. I was a touch worried going into matchday but not only did the community not disappoint me, they exceeded expectations. Over 100 people turned up to play and even more people were following via the stream (80-110 on average throughout the 5.5 hour event).

Rounds 1 and 2 were hectic. 18/25 total heats were to be played in those rounds and the first took a bit longer due to ip10 not working and coordinating with free agents about which server they need to join. For KOTR.III we will probably adjust the format and it will be first come first serve from any signup 100+. If there is a server short a player and you're the first to respond, you'll get a slot.


Deck16 is probably the most popular UT99 DeathMatch Map. It was played in the finals of the first KOTR, so I figured I would switch it up and use it as a first round map in this tournament. There were some big numbers dropped on Deck but the most impressive statline was Riven with 190 frags in 15 minutes. vitz won his heat with 161 frags and there were some tight races to squeeze into the top 8. Gladiador even managed to qualify on two occasions (OH MY GOD HYOH HYOH HYOH!). 20 players were eliminated in this round. Notable knockouts: 45 (outfragged Paulie by 1), Paulie (Cinderella had a 5pm curfew this time), CLANKILLER (7 frags away from breaking a promise) and my main man KillEmAll (today he was the bug and the other 9 the windshield).


The second map was Viridian tourney, one of the #iPug iTDM sweetheart maps. In pugs, there are 8 players and it proved to be a bit too congested with 10 heavy hitters. This map was full of monster kills, holy shits and incredibly high scores. The high frags for the round was vitz who dropped a whopping 211 in 15mins of play. Riven came back down to earth dropping a respectable 198 and Mickey Rourke himself (ph34r), dropped 196. The Germans had a really strong showing throughout the tournament and 7 of their horses made it through this round. Ab unexpected big performance came from x4|unreal (Russian player). He played in zp pugs and had nice numbers but newnet is really letting some of these international players showcase their talent. Eno made a ridiculous comeback from 10th to 5th and Snorlack, Mike and Spriggan all did Chile proud and qualified for Round 3. Notable eliminations included: Steel (shafted by a tough heat, next KOTR won't have any new entries after Round 1, it will go to next in line to qualify from Round 1), tyler (streamed his demise), torch (puked on keyboard?), TimTim (Mr. ProMod), KNOCKOUTDAD (no power supply, no problem) and Ingela who did quite well in the first installment of KOTR.


After the frag heavy Viridian, it was a return to the classics as Round 3 was played on Liandri. With only 40 participants remaining, the competition was becoming increasingly ferocious. I took my sweatpants off and knew that I would have to be on my A game to qualify for the next round. The initial plan to edit Liandri would have dissuaded people from camping a spot beside the belt spawn (not directly in front like most people did), however that never materialized. I finished with 158 frags (good for 4th highest in the round) but 21 back of vitz who had the Liandri highscore with 179 frags. Liandri was extremely interesting for two of the KOTR pretenders.. HuMPtY and FALLACY both found themselves on the ejector seat (tm mrgrins) with less than a minute to go. Clutch performances leapfrogged them in front of Zaius and CoBRa in the dying seconds of the map. CoBRa is new to the GlobalUnreal scene, as well as Zaius, but the two can really frag. Both could have easily held their own in the next round. Notable eliminations: kud (false advertisement with the name [email protected]), Team Chile (ride 2gether, get eliminated 2gether), Darkside (10th place, continues to portal camp? Maybe next time?), NN (wife wanted him in the kitchen), x4|unreal (in Soviet Russia, crown wears you) and one of my darkhorses who I didn't list as a darkhorse.. kyaxiz.


The semifinals took place on Curse. It's not as merciless with the spawns like StalXL and Viridian but there are lots of close corridors and it was filled with guys who could typically drop 200+ in a normal iTDM pickup. 60% of the people who qualified for the finals were European and lots of big names fell in this round. PACO (I don't like winning tournaments that I host), HuMPtY (burning out from helping organize), ph34r (Pure7C needle ran out), Sonic (not enough rings), IR (not even hot meal could save him), rain (tank was on empty in round 2), risus (drove home from college to get eliminated), FALLACY (rumors of a possible babylap on Curse) and dEv who felt lonely without kyaxiz by his side. The surprising performances for me came from Rummy and spydee who both qualified for the finals. The Germans were looking strong and after a shaky 3rd round, Dewsick won his heat showed all 100+ viewers why he won the inaugural KOTR. This map was hectic, fast-paced, frag heavy and tough to get set with so many people shooting such high accuracies. Although my tournament ended in this round, I felt no shame bowing out from such strong competition.


The final map was StalwartXL. It's the most popular iTDM map in #iPug for a reason and that's because of how frag heavy it is. Unlike the previous four rounds, this map was 20 minutes long. The players had already been on a 5.5 hour marathon and there was 20mins of grueling competition separating them from the illustrious crown and bragging rights of winning a 100 man tournament. noobx jumped out to an early lead and had Riven on his tail for the first five minutes of the game. vitz and uenz (both heavy favorites) had slow starts and it was two of the darkhorse Germans duking it out. Riven crashed five minutes into Stal and when he returned, he was unable to regain his blistering pace. After Riven's crash, vitz and uenz both started to pick up the pace and they caught up to noobx. Dew and shots were within 10-15 for awhile but eventually fell off pace for the lead. For the last 8 minutes of the game it was uenz, noobx and vitz see-sawing above one another with each respective player going on spurts and taking the lead. With two minutes, all three players were within a few frags of one another but vitz was finally able to string together some nice sequences and he ran away with the map. vitz finished with 263, noobx 255 and uenz to round out the medals at 245. Unrealshots was the highest placing North American in 4th and the former champion Dew notched a respectable 5th place finish. Riven despite crashing broke the 200 frag mark for 6th and spydee Serenity (both not known for being DM/TDM players) took 7th and 9th respectively. Morpheus called out Serenity before the tournament started but Serenity made the finals in one of the deepest tournaments in recent memory while Morph was too scared to report for duty. Rummy and Cy rounded out the remaining players. Both did really well and some might say exceeded expectations but they showed that they were more than just dynamic flag runners and can hang with the big boys.

CONGRATS TO VITZ! Thanks to everyone for showing and the people who helped run it and made all of this possible. It was great seeing old names, new names and the regulars coming together and doing a 100 man tournament. Overall, I'm extremely happy with how the tournament went. Lots of players and admins stepped up to see it through to the finish line, without all of you none of this would be possible. KOTR.III will be coming up again in February. There will be maplist discussion in the new year and if the demand is there, a 160 man tournament is not out of the equation.

Results here:

Stream: Amazing cast from mrgrins.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am please to announce the second installment of KOTR. The first tournament was a resounding success with Dewsick emerging as the victor and Paulie4567 as the cinderella story. When we started the tournament, we were small time. 55 signed up, 45 showed up and 4 rounds were needed to determine a champion. For this installment, I have something different in mind. The goal is 100+ signups with 5 rounds of elimination. 100+ people? Are you crazy? The long and short answers are both: Yes.

KOTR Website:

What day/time will the tournament take place?
Sunday September 30th @ 3:30pm EST. Estimated duration 5hrs.

How will signups work?
First come, first serve. Signup and guarantee your spot in the tournament.

Seeding/Elimination method?
There will be a community poll mixed with admin discretion to determine the top 30 favorites of the tournament. If there are 10 heats of 10, the top 30 will be distributed equally amongst the initial heats. The rest of the players will be randomly placed amongst these heats. The rounds will go as follows: 100-80-40-20-10-1. So, 2-5-5-5-9 for each respective round.

How will players be re-seeded going into future rounds?
The players that advance will be ordered by frag total and re-seeded based on total frags, not placement in the previous round. Placement solely determines advancement.

What is the maplist?

Round 1 - Deck16

Round 2 - Viridian

Round 3 - Liandri

Round 4 - Curse

Round 5 - StalwartXL

Will newnet be used?
Yes. ZP is extinct in #iPug and on GlobalUnreal.

Heat Length:
15mins in the first 4 rounds, 20mins for the finals.

Main 3 Objectives:
1. Attract the top international hitscan talent for a gigantic tournament.
2. Expand tournament sizes and expectations.
3. Gain momentum going into season two of Global.iCTF.

Media Content:
The top fragger from each round will submit their demo to me and I will have it fraps'd and put on YT to archive. GoodGuyGrins will also be on the microphone keeping people up to date on the happenings of the tournament. iDM might not be the "most interesting" thing to stream but I can guarantee that we'll be keeping it entertaining.

I'm expecting to see a large turnout for this event. The competition will be deep but all skill levels are welcomed/encouraged and people should try and advance as far as they can. The Global.iCTF draft will happen two weeks after this event, so show up and strut your stuff while supporting the community.

Signup here:

Any questions? Post them or find me on IRC. Promo video and Global.iCTF S2 details on the way.
The Future of GlobalUnreal
The contents of this post will touch down on the near future and longterm outlook for the GlobalUnreal community.

When I first started this site last year, my goal was to see UT99 prosper for at least another 10 years. The notion was considered laughable and people have questioned why anyone is willing to put so much effort into a "dead game". If anything, the past year has reaffirmed my commitment and elevated my expectations. The name GlobalUnreal stemmed from the idea of uniting a wide variety of UT communities from diverse and multicultural backgrounds. With NY servers and only zp to work with, this was an extremely tall task however the IRC channel and the website are still currently populated by people from North America, Latin America and different European blocks.

Despite the high ceiling for this community, TimTim has come along and created a new netcode that removes movement lag and improves many registration bugs that plague ZeroPing. The barriers for international play will be greatly reduced and Tim has actually managed to find a way to outright remove the ceiling.

To contribute to Tim and the hard work that he is putting into the game, donate here:
TimTim PayPal Donation Link

The site has already hosted a 40 Man FFA iDM tournament (KOTR) and is at the closing stages of its first iCTF league (Global.iCTF). In the upcoming Fall/Winter there will be many things to look forward to, including: 1v1 iDM Tournament, KOTR.II (100 signup goal for the one day tournament), Shock Domination double elimination tournament, National Based competitions, Professional Streams and of course, more League-Play.

Although some people might be content with what there already is now, I'm still only on the first gear. Over the next few months I will be actively pursuing old players, inactive players, foreign players, pub players, totally new players and uniting the active players. I have ideas on how to reach all of these markets and am willing to put in the time/energy/effort to do it however word-of-mouth and assistance is always welcome. Not only are the players important but I'd like to see the Mapping/Mod side of UT reinvigorated. Anything short of UT making a resurgence on the mainstream/competitive gaming scene would be considered a disappointment.

Unlike the doom-and-gloom pessimists who proclaim the death of UT every year, I see UT in a completely different light. It's the best FPS ever created, highly moddable, fantastic gameplay and a diehard fanbase that won't ever let it go. The next phase of UT starts in the Fall and there is LOTS to be excited about.

Thanks for reading, participating and keeping the community active.